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    Dedicated street wheels

    Also, is there a retailer out there akin to Tirerack but for cycle wheels/tires that anyone knows of?
  2. eantons1

    Dedicated street wheels

    Thanks y'all. Those are the kinds of answers I was seeking. How big of a deal is it to switch out dirt bike tires? I've never done it before, but have loads of experience changing bicycle tubes and tires. Harbor Freight sells a changing stand/tool for about $115. I can also go to the local shop and probably get 'em changed for about $40. Would you trust the local auto tire shop to do it? Thanks again.
  3. eantons1

    Dedicated street wheels

    Okay, a bunch of you have viewed this and haven't responded, which prompts me to wonder if this was a stupid question. Having never changed motorcycle tires, does it make more sense to simply change out the tires on a regular basis rather than worry about spending the extra money on different wheels, rotors, and sprockets? If changing out the tires only, what source should I consult to learn more about it? Thanks!
  4. I've been really happy with the RevIt Cayenne. It's convertible, has armor, hydration options, pockets galore, conservative styling, and it's about 2/3 of the price of the BMW and Aerostich lines. Want an extra zipper, vent, reflective tab, or pocket? Send it to Rainy Pass Repair for an affordable mod. For me, the most important thing about an all-weather jacket is its ability to convert for the conditions. This is done by venting and/or removing panels or sections in order to maintain that decent operating temperature known in the trade as being "comfortably cool." One can always add more layers to add warmth, but one can only remove so many to cool off (especially when your layers are your protection). The Cayenne walks this line well.
  5. I have a 2002 KTM 520 MXC that's been dual-sported and I want to have the ability to commute 35-40 minutes 1-2X a week over the next year. I'm running Pirelli DOT knobbies on it now which are great for the trail, but want a 90% street/10% trail tire setup. The tires are the easy part. What I'd like to do is get a separate set of wheels to ease the conversion. 1. I'm not at home right now to check (in Africa at the moment), but is this switch easy on the KTM? Any particular source recommended for a nice set of used wheels? Stock front rims are 2.15x18 rear (140/80-18" tire), and 1.60x21 front (90/90-21" tire). 2. Any rear sprocket recommendations? 3. Should I keep a separate set of bearings to be dedicated for each set of wheels? Thanks!
  6. I was looking at your post a while back about plating a dirt bike in VA. I, like many, am considering a lot of options for a first dirt bike and the conclusion that I'm coming to is that I should first find a bike that I like and THEN convert it (I already have two street bikes anyhow). I live in Northern VA, which usually means hell at the DMV, but I'm trying to get a handle on just how hard it is to get a plate for, say, an XR400. Thanks a million. You can either reply on TT or via eantons@cox.net .