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    sticking throttle new question

    Thanks for the help spent all day removed the carb pulled it all apart and cleaned it. checked the cables again put it back together and it doesn't seem to do it anymore ( about 30 min of riding w/o problems ) this place rocks with such a wealth of knowledge and experience. Thanks
  2. anyhunt

    sticking throttle new question

    will the fuel screw move on its own? In order to check that plate is it in the book thanks for your help
  3. I have a 2000 wr400 the bike had been running flawlessly until it was parked for 2 months now when I let off the throttle it runs fast for a while then returns to idle. I have checked the main and pilot jets clean as a whistle, checked for binding at the grips checked the cables and they are fine. Also if I blip the throttle it will instantly return to idle. The valve clearances have been checked recently and are within spec. Air filter is clean blah blah blah is there something I am missing besides pulling the carb and soaking it in cleaner and blowing it out.