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  1. Scotty, Scott...I am still here! It has been a rough few weeks Finally got school up and running. I think my bro and I are try to ride Sat. or Sunday after church. Scotty I will call you.
  2. Sounds good!
  3. Scotty - We have to ride Sunday!!!!
  4. Know what you mean Bork - there are a ton of stubborn lights here in Vero
  5. Any Vero folks riding tomorrow (Sunday)?
  6. Yea its still there. Food was mediocre and bill was steep.
  7. Scotty - I just got back from Captiva Island. Are you riding this weekend?
  8. Try Tsali, they loves motorbikes there! I have always wanted to ride the Appalachian Trail
  9. Why does ACE TYPE IN ALL CAPS??? Ace must know that typing in all caps is akin to yelling in cyberworld.
  10. Update: I won't be riding today, but Bill K or Scotty may be.
  11. The Sunday morning crew is meeting at Oslo Diner 7-30-06 at 7ish
  12. The DR started off as a Dual Sport, the XR started as an off-road bike and became a dual sport. The DR sucks off road!
  13. Bronc - That would be a good ride. Is it mostly off road? I would like to know the rout.
  14. Bronc - Bill wants to ride after work this week. Maybe we can get together and ride the airport. We expanded the trail even more a few weeks ago.
  15. Flatted while we were having sodas in the tavern. Valve stem ripped off. SUCKED!