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  1. Skinnyz50R

    Builing a bike and need some parts...

    Shouldn't you be not allowed on this board considering all of the wrong you've done on the other boards?
  2. Hey guys had my buddy next to me the other night testing out the speed of the 70 and got it up above 40. Did notice a slight "shimmy" though at those speeds. It has stock EVERYTHING excpect a TB rev box. who makes a stabilizer for these things?
  3. Skinnyz50R

    Best rev box/CDI

    Ic ya I was watching ur thread over at 50riders.com haha. Just tryin to figure it all out. I figured if I gear mine up a bit the rev box should be nice. What is the Y connector for?
  4. Skinnyz50R

    Best rev box/CDI

    Ok guys lookin at getting one and there are SOOO many out there. Which is the best? Which works the best for stock motored bikes? How well does the TB one work the the money? One more question do the ones for teh 50's work on the 70's also? Just looking for some general info guys.
  5. Skinnyz50R

    New sprocket=new chain?

    Ok guys my next question is where is the best place to get one and is the 70 and the 50 splined the same? Ex: can I get one off of or for a 50?
  6. Skinnyz50R

    New sprocket=new chain?

    The stock gearing on these is 15/36. Not sure Y I chose the 13 I just read that everyone says this is one of the best mods (besides motor obviosuly) for the CRF70's. Spose to really "wake it up" unless I'm wrong here
  7. Skinnyz50R

    Looking for an 06 CRF450

    You can try Des Plaines Honda. I just picked up my CRF70 from them plus one of my buddies is a salesman there. You can go in and talk to him. His Name's Brad. One of the smaller younger looking guys but knows a ton about the product line
  8. Ok guys I plan on ordering a 13T front sprocket for my CRF70 but was wondering if teh stock chain will then work? I know I prolly should just get a new aftermarket one just for strength but will this hold up for now? And question two is can I go for like a 13T in the front and something like a 38 tooth in the rear is that gonna be to much? Or should I just go for the 13 in the front and leave it at that?
  9. Skinnyz50R

    CRF70 stuff

    Ok guys just an update but went to the Honda dealership yesterday on my lunch break and came back at night to pick up my 05' CRF 70. I'm pretty excited that I fit well on it and it goes around the neighborhood good so far. Plus got a 2 year warranty on it. Does anyone know of bike warranties are as bad as car warranties? like if I put exhaust and a filter on it are they gonna void it?
  10. Skinnyz50R


    Is the PW a 2 stroke?
  11. Skinnyz50R

    CRF70 stuff

    So do yuo guys carry plasics for these things!?! That's really what I'm looking for first. But it seems like if I want to change the color I'm gonna end up scuffing and painting the current plastics cause I can't find any for the 70
  12. Skinnyz50R

    CRF70 stuff

    Hey guys I'm about to pick up my new 70 and am trying to find places to buy stuff for it. Are there places that sell different plastics for it? other random little odds and ends for it? Does the 50 stuff work for it for suspension/frame stuff? Just tryin to figure it all out
  13. Skinnyz50R


    Ok thanx for the info and I think I found one guys so thanx for the help. I'll prolly be on her askin questions later though haha
  14. Skinnyz50R

    125cc Lifan engines

    Y does it seem that everyone on all these boards says to stay away from the Lifan Ebay motors? I've ben looking at them for my Z50R, but everyone keeps sayin no?
  15. Skinnyz50R


    Awesome to know I'll have to poke around there a bit later. Wat is a "reputable" motor? I saw an add for a 107CC on ebay. Its a Lifan? Here's the link http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/3-V-engine-50cc-Honda-dirt-bike-pit-bike-110cc-motor_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ35595QQitemZ4602422137QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW