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  1. We can only hope that KTM does make their EXC's 50 state legal like Husky did. Guess you missed the news, KTM is indeed coming with plated Ca bikes in '07.
  2. solocojo

    Another Successful CA. plated WR426!

    Dale mounted my Trickdualsport control box to the headlight shroud right in front of the computer on my '06 wr450. The fit was a bit tight but no problem. He modded my stock headlight and the installation of the kit was a breeze. Definitly a great kit and the customer service is excellant.
  3. solocojo

    So I just installed a battery tender...

    Was jump starting a tractor battery once, the jumper sparked at the post and blew the top off the battery. Luckily for me it was at chest level and I was not leaning over it, and the battery was dry which probably caused the explosion but no acid shower as a result. Put the fear of god into me regarding the jump starting of batteries. Sometimes it pays to be lucky, but it always pays to be smart. By the way, it sounded like a twelve gauge going of in my face and my ears rang for an hour.
  4. solocojo

    Mirror Perches

    I mounted my dualstars so they hung down from the bars and tried to look under my armpit. The only way I could see behind was to twist my body toward the opposite side and even then it was hard to see straight back. Mounted on the top of the bar it was impossible to see past my shoulder. Kind of defeats the purpose of the mirror because you might as well turn your head all the way around and look back at this point.
  5. solocojo

    Mirror Perches

    I found it almost impossible to get the dualstar mirrors to sit far enough out to give any visibility behind you. Perches would be a better way to go.
  6. solocojo

    Aluminum vs. Steel frame

    &%$#@!? I own an '05 DRZ and an '06 WR450f , yeah maybe every bike works, but some do not work as well. Give me the WR with a plate (working on it) and the DRZ is gone. No comparison in handling or power.
  7. The polite thing to do is wait for a proper spot to pass or until the front rider pulls over to allow a safe pass. The courteous thing to do when a faster rider comes up on you is to pull over to allow the pass in a tight section. There were a few A$$holes who thought they were in a race and made some unsafe passes. All in all it was a great ride and kudos to the Penguins for the event. I'll definitly be back next year.
  8. solocojo

    WR450 as Enduro bike??

    Take a drive to La Yamaha, $6,399.00 otd for an '06 wrf 450. Check them out on the net and get a quote.
  9. solocojo

    WR450 as Enduro bike??

    The WR450 will take the least work and money out of the box to be a full blown racer. Good luck finding a TE anything as they are mostly sold out for '06. For reliability and longevity with the least maintainance and expense go with the WR450. Cojo
  10. solocojo


    Simpson gsx3-mx. About $200.00 compared to $500.00 for the Arai Xd. Not the quality of the Arai, but a decent helmet for quite a bit less.