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  1. i don't have any problems on mine. can reach to about 660km before turning to reserve. I can pump about 34litres in it. For the balance fuel i had no problem with it. In the beginning the fuel cap has problems, bike will stall when its near reserve. Just take out the inner rubber from the fuel cap, you will see the breather hole. Just make the hole abit bigger and its done.Also the inner rubber, you will see 2 small holes on each side. Just make the hole a bit bigger. For the breather tube, get those short hose with caps on top(ktm sells it) i fitted one on it. And there's no problem till today. its been a year plus.
  2. thats mine
  3. Anyone knows where can i get a aftermarket header pipe for my 05' DR650
  4. saw in the TT store about the dynojet. It states DR650S model, i'm riding a 05 DR650SE. can it fit?
  5. try this website WWW.GPR.IT
  6. try GPR exhaust. ihad it on mine