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  1. Steve_Guelph

    mounting sm tires

    I have done my own dirt bike tires but I took the SM wheels into the shop. I know I would scratch them if I did it myself. Get them balanced to. Steve
  2. Steve_Guelph

    Anyone have Yosh in SW Ontario? (on THEIR DRZ

    http://www.stop48.com/ Hope the link works. You can ride your SM here. Steve
  3. Steve_Guelph

    Anyone have Yosh in SW Ontario? (on THEIR DRZ

    There are places that have a SuperMoto track that you can ride but not in the Toronto area. If you contact your dealer Suzuki is having a customer appreciation track day this season. I am not sure when but I will post it here when my dealer lets me know about it. I will see if I can locate the info on the track that is open to SM all the time. Steve
  4. Steve_Guelph

    Anyone have Yosh in SW Ontario? (on THEIR DRZ

    Yup. Another guy here in Guelph has the Akrapovic in Carbon on his.
  5. Steve_Guelph

    Anyone have Yosh in SW Ontario? (on THEIR DRZ

    I have a full Yosh on mine, 3x3, cams, FCR39, E base gasket, SS brake lines, and a bunch of cosmetic stuff like case savers, rack, new front fender and other stuff. Steve
  6. I am testing mine next week and will post the results. Mine is a DRZ400SM with a full RS3, E base gasket, Cams, FCR, and I do have the potato in. With no tater it was way too loud. I think with it in it won't be any louder than 94 db at 4000 rpm. If it is I will get an extension to point the sound towards the ground if it is close. If it is way over I will need to do something about it. To many areas around here getting closed due to loud bikes. Steve
  7. Steve_Guelph

    Should I buy a DRZ 400 SM

    I think the DRZ is a great bike if you enjoy riding and not wrenching. The bike is not the fastest, not the lightest and it is not a pig like someone said, but it will pull along and never quit. Yes the mods will = $$$ and end up costing you as much as one of the race ready bikes but it won't require all the wrench time that comes with a high strung race engine. Now over the years add the parts and labour of a high strung engine compared to a DRZ that is modded and I would think the DRZ would cost less over the long haul. Steve
  8. Steve_Guelph

    best helmet to wear?

    I use a full face helmut. I find it has less noise, better if it rains, and warmer until the temps around here rise.
  9. Steve_Guelph

    I drove it to work

    Our group meet every Sunday for our rides. We ride between 300 - 500km during the day. Every Sunday rain or shine. I never hear anyone complain about their ass. Suck it up and ride it. All this talk about 27 miles and sore arse is crazy.
  10. Steve_Guelph

    First Impression Distanzia

  11. Steve_Guelph

    First Impression Distanzia

    Well I had a chance to give the Distanzias a good try on some backroads pavement, and trails. Backroads: The roads went from loose gravel, to hard packed to wet soft. For A tire with no real deep lugs they handled good. Very predictable. Still had enough traction to lift the front end. Stopping took a little longer but that is to be expected. Pavement: They rock! Better then stock 208's. I had no problem with predicting what the tire was going to do. Did I mention they rock . Trails: Where do I start. If the trails are dry they are good. If you get into any mud your pooched. The treads fill and won't clear. At times it felt like ice. Summary: If you are looking for a do it all tire you won't find one! If you are looking for a tire that handles mud don't look here. If you wan't a tire that can handle backroads, tarmac, and hard packed trails this is one of the best tires I have ever tried. I went for a ride this morning with my sportbike friends and had no problem hanging with them in the twisties. Broke for lunch and met up with my Dual Sport buddies and rode all afternoon with them. You want a true SuperMoto tire this may be as close as it gets. Steve
  12. Steve_Guelph

    What's it worth?

    I would put the original stuff back on and sell the FCR and Yosh on its own. The stock carb is worth double what the FCR is worth but the FCR will sell easier.
  13. Steve_Guelph

    Looking for a better sounding Exhaust

    I was going to buy the Hindle but then after all the reading on here I purchased the RS3 Yosh full system with no regrets. Now I do have the potato in but that's because of the restrictions around here. If I remove the "potato" it is loud and they won't let me ride the tracks around here. Any idea what the noise db is with and without the tater? 2007 DRZ400SM, E base gasket, hot cams, FCR39, 3x3 mod. I heard with the potato it is around 92db but I think that may be a little low. Thanks...Steve
  14. Steve_Guelph

    06 or 07 drz400sm??

    I would go for the 07. You will be changing the bars the first time it goes down anyway.
  15. Steve_Guelph

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    I thought maybe you went through some ice or something . Yeah Eddie will move it back.