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  1. jrobertson19

    DR650 Idle

    Got a 93 DR650 R. Kick starts fine even on a cold morning but once it is running I have to keep the revs up. For the first 10 mins of riding it I have keep the revs up even when i am coming to a stop or it will cut out. I dont really have any experience with Bikes and was wondering if there is a quick and easy way to sort this problem.
  2. jrobertson19

    Dr 650 R

    Yeah ill try that do you know if an exhaust for a newer model 650 fit the older ones as well
  3. jrobertson19

    Dr 650 R

    Currently got a 1993 DR650R. Been looking for a decent exhaust for ages. Anyone any ideas on where to get a decent one......on a budget.