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  1. dval

    taking 2005 te510 street legal

    I put plates on my 05 510te in MN. All I did was put a brake light on I used a fender from a 06 and ran the set up from the front brake lever. and a mirror .In MN you do not need blinkers .The bike came with dot tires but they are not very good on the street .I think they are the same tires as 06 te.If you order a 06 fender also order the brake light mounting hardware it dose not come with the fender
  2. I put a trail tech vapor on my 05 510te and the speedo cable will not pick up a reading when mounted in the stock placement it will work when not mounted. Trailtech did send me a new cable and it also dose not work It is the cable for stock placement on a ktm .Has anyone else run in to this problem?Ihave it working with a unit off a bike speedo mounted on the fork.My stock husky cable is shot.
  3. I put a vapor on a 2005 510 te .Went on well and works except the speedo .What are you guys setting for temp and shift rpms. The speedo sensor will not pick up off the magnet when screwed in to the brake but will work if I move the magnet in front of the sensor when not screwed into the brake and works if I move the sensor in front of the magnet when mounted in the disk . But it will not work if I move the magnet in front of the sensor when it screwed into the brake ? I will call trail tech tomorrow.
  4. dval

    05 Te 450?

    I have a 05 510 te with plates. All I did was put on a new rear fender and tail light and put a switch off the front brake for a brake light and put a mirror on.In MN you do not need blinkers.ITs fun on the street but not the high way
  5. dval

    trail tech vapor installation

    I don't get the setup till next week .Witch hose did yo use for the temp ?
  6. I just ordered a vapor #75-102 and 022-tm protector Any tips on installation.Its going on a 2005 510 te
  7. dval

    trail tech gauge

    Iam going to put a new setup on and woundering the model that has worked well for you .I been thinking the lynx or vipor ? Or if a differnt company has something priced close.
  8. dval

    2007 Te 450 Stalling Problems

    Try turning the idle up
  9. dval

    Husky Dealers

    Did you ask if they [heinens] had any left overs coming in ? They seem to be the outlet for over stock or what ever for the importer?But Huskys are selling better now than 05
  10. dval

    Husky Dealers

    Im also from MN and picked up a left over 05 510 te from heinens last spring.Thay do sell huskys and are good people but there really not into the service part of huskys .I can get parts faster on here and more info.But the price is right.I also have plates for my 05 te in mn.
  11. dval

    cast wheels

    What I was thinking Is a set for street use not racing .My be something you could pick up at a swap met or ? I would like to have a off road and a street setup.But Iam to cheap to buy the sm set up
  12. dval

    cast wheels

    Are there any cast wheels that will work on a 2005 te. I see some SM racers are using them . It would be great to pick up some old street rims from what ever ? and have a street set up! I would think the brake mounting would be the problem ?
  13. dval

    510 or 550 aprilia

    I have seen the 0% for a year. Aprilia mailed me a ad? Thats what got me thinking .The biggest thing for me wright now is to get that the smog stuff off thay have to reprogram the efi and I have read the going price is around $300.00 .My 05 te came ready to ride and MN plated it.AS far as for a dealer its about the same as my husky in MN there is only one!!
  14. dval

    510 or 550 aprilia

    I have a 05 510 te and have been looking at the 550 sxv .I know the te is a enduro and the sxv is a supermoto but have you riding with a 550 aprilia or rode one .MY husky has been great but I have been using it more on the street than I had planed so I think a supermoto would work out better
  15. Thinking of trying some street tires on my 510te next spring has anyone found a brand that works well.Somthing for 80% street and 20% dirt roads.And if thay made any real difference on the street ?