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  1. sclark04

    2006 yz450f

    i can throw some pics up in a couple days, but it's in immaculate condition, it's never even been down, i wrecked and hurt my ankle on my 250f... I also have 2 extra sets of the one industries hurricane graphics to throw in with it which i never put on because the stock ones still look so good... brand new 756rr dunlops too.... this sucks
  2. sclark04

    2006 yz450f

    please could someone help me out with an estimate
  3. sclark04

    2006 yz450f

    My number is 7403951872 and i'm from southern ohio for anyone interested
  4. sclark04

    2006 yz450f

    Hi all, I'm considering selling my anniversary edition 06 yz450f... it's only been riddin roughly 5 times, and has a DID O ring chain, a white brothers carbon pro full exhaust system, and has been professionally dyno tuned and jetted. It really saddens me to have to consider doing this but considering I have been unable to ride for nearly 6 months due to a severely destroyed ankle, and the fact that every doctor i've been to has said it's going to be another year before I can ride again, I think I need to get out while it still has some value. I'm mainly just looking to you guys for some advice on how much I should ask, as I am really pretty clueless, and the kbb value of 5500 seems a bit outrageous considering what brand new ones were selling for towards the end of the 06 run. Any response or help would be appreciated, as well as any offers if anyone is interested in purchasing the bike. Thanks all! -Shawn Clark
  5. sclark04

    06 LE Graphics

    the one industries ones are a different yellow, I ordered them to replace the stock ones and have never put them on because they dont match
  6. sclark04

    Lets see you YZ's

    http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f247/SCLARK04/IMG006.jpg i never can resist showing off the ol 250f, i really need to get some of my 450 though
  7. sclark04

    Tricked out yzf's??

    the carbon pro exhaust is pretty nice, it's held up a lot better than everyone told me it would (especially after a nice big crash in which the exhaust can took the main part of the impact), as far as performance wise, i dont know how it effects a stock engine, however it gave mine a nice boost in the top end without really sacrificing anything else (that's along with hotcams, high comp vertex piston, port and polish, heat dispersant coating, stainless kibblewhite valves with heavier springs, a pro circuit ignition and a full hinson clutch) As for the enzo suspension, I had the tanks done at the same time as the revalve, and I would say the bike is 100 times better, however I think a lot of the perceived improvement for me would have to do with the fact that I needed to move up to a 5.5 on the shock spring and 2 up (forgive me i forget what exactly they were) on the fork springs. The soft sagging feel was replaced with suspension that still feels plush but also seems to ride much higher in the stroke.
  8. sclark04

    Vertex pistons in yzf

    i'm using a high comp vertex piston in my 06 yz250f and have had nothing but praise for it, tore the top end apart after 10 hours of having it in there and still looks brand new.
  9. sclark04

    Tricked out yzf's??

    http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f247/SCLARK04/IMG006.jpg http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f247/SCLARK04/250f002.jpg here's mine
  10. I had some webcams in mine, along with a list of other mods, I recommend the stock cams over anything else, they have the broadest most usable power in my experience.
  11. sclark04

    4 broken BONES...!!!

    i fell for ya buddy, I just broke my left fibula in 3 places as well as stoving my right wrist to the point that it's not really usable (although not broken). Crutches certainly aren't fun.
  12. sclark04

    wanted 2006 YZF450 exhaust

    I've got 06 250f and 450f exhausts layin aroudn if anyone is interested, also have the titanium shock spring from the 250f.
  13. sclark04

    Another Whoops question

    Yea, I would definately try front end placement before skimming or jumping them. Most people mistake this technique for wheelying into the whoops, but what you actually do is a small nose high jump where you try to lay the front wheel just over the 2nd whoop. You then repeat that laying your front wheel over the 4th, 6th and so on until you are through them, as you pick up speed you will be jumping/skimming them toward the end.
  14. sclark04

    06 owners

    Yea, I also have an 06 250f and 450f, and I would have to say that riding them back to back there is a difference, probably mostly generating from the power delivery draining your energy on the 450, but from my experience the 450 yammie feels more like a 250f than any other 450f I've ridden.
  15. sclark04

    Need a voice of experience, HELP!!

    Personally I have one of each of the 06's. The 250f is rather modified, and I almost forget how it felt stock, but honestly the major difference for me is the feeling that on the 250f I can wring it's neck, and get on the gas as hard as I want and I get no feeling of being out of control, or any sense of urgency as to what the bike is doing. As opposed to the 450 where if you get on the gas to hard it can be unnerving as to how quick it gets away from you. I would say if you want a bike which makes you feel like you are running it hard, and is honestly a little bit more fun I would get the 250f. However if you want to become a better faster rider, I personally would stick with the 450 and learn good throttle control. As a plus for the 450, it really is nice knowing you can get over almost any obstacle in your way with just a flick of the wrist, as opposed to having to rail the 250f to make sure you have enough speed for something.