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  1. Success, I think. I repaced the new seal, the bike fired up, I warmed it up and dumped the oil to get all of the water out. Repeated twice and now I will take it out and ride it for a while if it ever stops raining to see it it holds up. Just to add a little to the seal replacement, it is all easy execpt digging the old seal out. That was a real pain in the A$$. I had to finally pry it out with a hammer and flat head screwdriver paying very close attention not to damage the water pump shaft.
  2. I took it apart last night. Seal was baked in there pretty good and I had to pry it out. When I finally got it out I screwed the new one up putting it in so now I need to get another one. Hopefully I get the next one in there right.
  3. thanks for all the info, I will try it tonight and hopefully it solves the problem.
  4. Sounds like a piece of cake. Whats the best way to get all of the water out of the oil. Do I just change it, let it warm up and change it again. Each time do I need to replace the oil filter or can I clean it out with some solvent or something?
  5. Does anyone know of a step by step or video on how to change a water pump seal on an 06 250sxf. I need to change one but I just don't want to go dig into it without a little insight. Thanks, Andy
  6. Is there somewhere where I could see a step by step or a video on how to do the water pump seal? I will do it tonight if I can get the seal. Thanks
  7. I hope its a water pump seal and not the head gasket. Is there any way to check?
  8. My son went riding last weekend and came back with water in the oil. I am not sure what I should do. I have heard all kinds of bad stories and I don't want to drop a ton of money in this bike. Any ideas of where to start? Thanks
  9. Does anyone know of a softer seat for a 04 WR450? The stock seat is like sitting on a 2x6.
  10. Did it change the performance. Did you have to retune or rejet?
  11. Does anyone know if there is a spark arrestor available for the 250sxf. Has anyone put one on their bike? Thanks
  12. Does anyone know if there is a spark arrestor available for the 06 250sx-f? We are have trouble getting any info on this.