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  1. I made the mistake of using the purple stuff on my bike the first few times I washed it and have the "etching" effect your talking about on the fork tubes. I just take a rag and spray some WD-40 on it and wipe them and any other aluminum that is stained down, looks great after. Only lasts until you ride though. Got to do this after every wash.
  2. Seams like a win-win.. thanks for the input again. Lookin forward to owning my first Suzuk, pikin it up monday.
  3. I figured that's what you guys would say. Thanks for the replys...oh by the way zig if I get a gym membership and loose the love handles what will your mom hold onto (nothing personal)
  4. Hey guys, lookin for an opinion, I am a 220# mostly trail rider and a friend of mine is looking to get rid of a 2003 RM 125. This bike has less than 5 hrs on it since new! He broke off the clutch lever 2 years ago, never fixed. I currently ride a 03 CRF 450. He wants 800$ for it. I am having a tough time saying no. Would you guys scoop it up? From what I see they are worth 1500-2500. Might be fun on the super tight single track stuff. Should be able to fling the thing around instead of being flung by the honda. Any issues with this year? TIA
  5. I was out of riding for about 4 years, last bike was a 95 cr250. Talked to some people about the 450 decided to buy one. After first ride thought I was going to have to sell it. Scared the crap out of me!! Slowly got used to it and now I will never go back to the 2-smokers. Every guy I ride with likes the bike....they'er all wishing they made the same choice I did.
  6. Little update, threw the bike in the truck and took it to RJ's in Nashua and had the service tech listen to the motor he said it sounded normal to him. In talking to him turns out he had an 02 450r. Then I took it to best cycle up the street and same thing the tech said it sounded normal.??? I don't know but it seems to me that with the metal flake in the oil something is wrong. I bought some left and right side cover gaskets and plan to pull those off and take a look. Any suggestions?Thanks for any help.
  7. Is there anyone who could recomend a shop or mechanic in the mass or newhampshire area? Hate to just take a shot in the dark. I don't have much faith in my local honda shop as they have not impressed me (on the service end of things) Just looking for someone knowledgable and honest.
  8. Did you have the noise that progressively got louder?
  9. Sorry, this is the engine side,not trans/clutch.
  10. Hey Guys, looking for some help. I have a mostly stock 03 450R. It is trail ridden only. I believe in frequent maintenance, ie. change oil after every ride, keep air filter clean etc. Had the bike for a little over a year, unbelievable machine! No problems with it yet. Valves have been checked 3 times since I have had it, not moved at all. My question is after a very wet muddy ride last weekend I was changing fluids and the moter oil had very fine particles in it.I run a scotts stainless oil filter. Which was very closely inspected and I found no large particles on outside of filter. There has been no noticeable loss in power(not that I am capable of using more 2/3 of what is there) but the notoriously noisy engine in this bike is bothering me. I did recently put a skid plate on the bike but the noise was bothering me before, now that the oil has some flake in it I've got to do something. The noise seams to be coming from the top of the case where the jug bolts to it but it is very hard to tell. It does increase with RPM, and it has been there since I have had it. It just seams to slowly get more and more audible. I know that the skid plate reflects alot of engine noise. Also I live in the Boston area I would be open to taking it to a mechanic. Is there any in the area that know the CRFs? Sorry this is so long. TIA
  11. Wow, thanks for the response. Too bad its a no-go there were a few kits only offered for the newer models that are sick!
  12. Hello Guys, Anyone know if one industries makes the sno camo sticker kit for the 03 CRF450r. Looked around could not find it? Also how different are the 03 plastics to the 04-05? Can an 04 kit be trimmed to fit? (I know it sounds kinda hack) Thanks in advance