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  1. roostu912

    need help with son racing

    Have you tried laying out markers on the course where you think he should shift. Flags, cones, something that will get his attention.
  2. roostu912

    XR70 CLICKING (slipping?) Noise

    Did you have you rear wheel off??? Was it making this sound prior to the rear wheel coming off? if indeed you you removed your wheel
  3. roostu912

    Hour meter/crf450r

    You guys are awesome thanks
  4. roostu912

    Hour meter/crf450r

    Do you wrap the wire around the plug wire??
  5. roostu912

    Hour meter/crf450r

    Does anyone have any pictures of where they mounted there hour meter on a crf450r 06 ??. Thanks
  6. roostu912

    Need crf/xr 50 parts!

    Mike, check BBR garage sale items. They usally have all that kind of stuff
  7. roostu912

    How do you get them to shift?

    For my son I layed out markers on our track where I thought he should shift. The markers were traffic cones so there was no mistaking when He was suppose to shift. It worked. I tried the the yelling approach it is very disruptive. Good luck
  8. roostu912

    Valve adjustment

    Thanks NC
  9. roostu912

    Valve adjustment

    Anybody live in Riverside county (Ca) That is a wiz on valve ajustment On a Honda CRF450 06 I do not want to pay bike shop prices. I just broke my bike in and I was told that I should have them adjusted.
  10. roostu912

    Clicking Noise?

    I had the same noise with sons back wheel clicking noise. Took back wheel off. I think it was the spacer I reasembled everything, and it is all good.
  11. roostu912

    06 crf450

    This is my first new bike. I don't want it to look all clapped out after the first month
  12. roostu912

    06 crf450

    I am very serious. what is wrong with keeping it looking new?
  13. roostu912

    06 crf450

    Does any one know if there is a touch up paint for the side case for a crf450?
  14. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to install an aftermarket filter on my sons 05 Honda crf 70. I bought two different ones I got the uni pod style and also the twinn air version. there seems to be alot of hoses running all over the place. Do I need to do anything to the carb. I live in Southern Ca. Thanks in advance
  15. roostu912

    05 Crf 70

    What needs to be done to put pod style filter on crf 70 05? what do you do with hoses runing to to stock airbox?