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  1. Dave S

    Stuarts Crash!!!

    Man the way he went right over the TV camera, then bounced back out of the grandstand then landed in that promotions girl's lap..... oh you said you haven't seen it yet. Sorry.
  2. Dave S

    Ktm 560 Vs Aprilia Sxv 4.5

    How would you rate the Aprilia against a Husky SMR 510. I don'tr want to buy a single if the trend will be towards twins in the next couple of years. I have an '06 510 on order. Steet ready Aprilias for us in Australia is due April this year so not long to hold out. Really confused as to the final pros and cons of the analysis between the two. This is mainly a street toy for me with a few track days thrown in and maybe an odd race. - So Aprilia has smaller gas capacity but a smoother engine. - Husky is carby, Aprilia is EFI. - Grunt, well that's still unknown but I'd assume the single would have more torque? - Husky has I believe better brakes. Brembo vs Nissin. - Aprilia has better rim sizes for more tyre choice. - Aprilia has more power but is it all top end? - Aprilia EFI is mappable to different profiles. So do I want a tried and true 'low tech' moto or a new 'high tech' one. Husky I can service myself if required. Aprilia maybe I can't. Does anyone elses brain hurt now?
  3. Here's the Press Release from Husky Australia. http://www.supermotomasters.com/smf/index.php?topic=37.0
  4. Dave S

    SMR510... what is your opinion?

    I'm also thinking of getting a '06 SMR 510. I live in Australia and questioned the Husky importer on the suitability of this bike for the road. Basically I was told, it's good for a couple of hundred kilometre day ride on variable speed roads, ie not a freeway. Any longer and the rider comfort takes out the enjoyment. Whilst the owner's hand book states this bike is NOT suitable for road use, why have they even put lights on it and made it road registerable? Husqvarna's reason for road suitability is that it has no fan and the engine will not take extended periods of constant high RPM. Also a key ignition can be fitted fairly easily. What is a poor design decision is to not put a steering lock on these bikes. Any bike with lights should get one. Piss poor effort Cagiva! Now as far as maintenance, the importer told me. Do a first service at 200 kilometres. Dump the oil and filter and check the valve clearances. From then the "factory" maintenance shedule is every 2000 kilometres. Which isn't that bad for a performance bike I thought. Does anyone else have any further information?