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  1. The bloke is saying he dont want to do alot of oil changes, soo the bikes uve said are kinda ruled out from get go. Go with the Drz. And as someone said before, any problems, put up a forum. After all the drz400 has most forums going.
  2. Get some disposable wipes. Cleans em up real good
  3. Yea, i want to do a little bit of road riding/ super motard and just wanted to know if any roadies have thin enough hubs to fit the drz. Ta dudes
  4. Hey guys, Ive had my 06 drz400 for a while now, and realy dislike the front guards. I was just wondering weather the front guards of a rmz 450 will fit on the Drz. Thanks in advance for any info.
  5. G'day all. Ive just bought a 2006 Drz400e and i was wondering how reliable the electric starter is, and weather its worth adding on a kick start and decomp lever for back up. Thanks in advance for any help!!!