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  1. BritishThumper

    Inner rotor kit on a thumpstar?

    Just got the Kitaco Inner rotor kit from Monkeybike.co.uk, I hopeit fits! here go's15,000rpm! whoo hoo!
  2. BritishThumper

    Inner rotor kit on a thumpstar?

    I know a company in the UK have had a lot of faulty Takegawa Inner Rotor Kits, they reccomended the Kitaco version!!!!
  3. BritishThumper

    Thumpstar Gearbox

    My 2006 Model 120cc Thumpstar Pro, has a clicking/tapping noise when in 2nd and third. This is probably due to landing after small jumps on the track, I am led to believe? I need to know if the Kit for $59 dollars, from the Thumpstar website is the same uprated gears that my 2006 model will have already? (That are supposed to be tougher!) Also, if I get the $260 Uprated Gears from www.classichondausa.com, will the Primary & Secondary 2nd and 3rd gears, and the two 'shift forks', be enough to save my gearbox from breaking again? Or will more components need to be changed. Also, would it take some extra power from a bigger carb, and possibly a uprated Cylinder/Head kit from Takegawa etc? What else can I do? Arghhh!
  4. BritishThumper

    Thumpstar Mashed???

    What is a Stator? My freind is having the same problems, but where is the stator, and what does it look like? Cheers!
  5. BritishThumper

    Thumpstar Engine

    Oh noooo! Ive been to my local track today, and when i change up, into 3rd gear, there is a clicking/knocking noise! Arghhh! Im wondering if its the dreaded shitty 3rd senario? My bike is the 2006 model 120cc Pro Carbon, so it should have the uprated gears, or should it? So then, looks like im gonna need some parts.............well, any suggestions on what parts I need!
  6. BritishThumper

    shifting porblem

    This is a common fult in the zongshen box's, it was also a problem in the 2005 model Thumpstar box's too. There is a kit you can buy, consisting of a couple of rods i beleive, to stop the box doing the 3rd to neutral downshift! Has anyone done this themselves?
  7. BritishThumper

    Thumpstar / Pitbike Gearing

    2006 Thumpstar 120cc Pro Carbon I have now changed my sprockets to 17t front and 41t rear, running on 12" tyres, obviously, first gear is even shorter than before, but 2nd is more useable and 3rd is probably the most used gear on my local track. Is anyone else using this configuration also, and what do u think of it? I heard 18t-41t is more popular, making the bike have more top end, how does it ride?
  8. BritishThumper

    thumpstar/pit bikes with throttle problems

    If it is en early Thumpstar, have u checked the carb bowl is not resting on the fins of your engine. If it is, it could be either heating up the fuel in the bowl, or even frothing up the fuel inside, because of the vibrations, so it misfires! Let me know how you get on!
  9. BritishThumper

    Thumpstar Rev-Box

    Kitaco Power-Rev box is now Fitted! Its was so easy, the CDI box is held by a Thick Rubber wrap-band, with a loop at the top, that pushes onto a 'clip' on the frame. Push the platic CDI box, away from the exhaust, so it comes off the clip, (it will just slide off its mount). Now unclip the CDI box from its wiring harness, pressing the safety clipp to release it. Plug the extra wiring harness into the Power-Rev box, (needed for the Thumpstar), and plug the harness, strait into the wiring loom on your bike. Just slide your Power-Rev box into the Rubber sleeve to finish! My bike has loads of torque now, i can pull away in 2nd so easy, and the front end lifts up strait away when u snap the trottle open in 2nd. I havnt told my mates yet, lets see if they notice! ha ha ha!
  10. BritishThumper

    Thumpstar Rev-Box

    Thanks Lee from www.minixuk.com for the excellent service! At least someone knows about tuning Thumpstars in the UK!
  11. BritishThumper

    Thumpstar Rev-Box

    Well................my Kitaco Rev-Box and wiring harness has arrived! It only took a day with special delivery postage! Mini X is on the ball! I ordered 18t, 41t Renthal Chain and Talon Sprockets Kit and the Kitaco Rev Box and lead, and its arrived in like 9 hours! Bloody hell! Im gonna stick the rev box on alone, and see if there is a significant improvement with the rev box alone! Whee Aye (Geordie Banter/Slang) I'll keep ya all posted!
  12. BritishThumper

    Thumpstar Engine

    Excellent! Thats put my mind at rest! Ive just been told off a dealer at my local 'Bike' highstreet, that the Takegawa boxs are very good quality and strong too!
  13. BritishThumper

    Thumpstar Engine

    Hey yeah, i think i might just do that! New hardened gears! But im guessin that my 06 model already has them in?
  14. BritishThumper

    Thumpstar Engine

    Wikkid! Im glad u said that, I was worrying if i was gonna have problems finding a gearbox to fit! Thanks!
  15. BritishThumper

    Any1 live in England on here?

    Newcastle Upon Tyne Does anyone know of any Tracks/ Pitbike tracks or makeshift places where people have decided to make a track in a quarry etc? Check out Google Earth on www.google.co.uk, for sat pictures from space, to find them, its mental! You can even see people on the pics! Thumpstar 120cc Pro Carbon