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  1. gp450

    Tell me about your crf450!!

    Thans I keep it clean with simplegreen and wd-40 and a red scotchbrite. It has at least 150hrs on it. I put a new top end in it last year along with the cam.
  2. gp450

    Tell me about your crf450!!

    2006 450R Mods: PC TI 4 pipe Hot Cams stage 2 RHC coated stainless valves ASV levers DNA wheels and hubs I pretty much just trail bomb my bike I'm not in shape enough to go to the track so I keep it in the woods.
  3. gp450

    Let see'em, your CRF450R

    I know its not the best looking on here but its still clean. MY 2006
  4. gp450

    Let see'em, your CRF450R

    Here is my 06.
  5. gp450

    my bike has a bit of a problem

    Check your chain tensioner the cam chain could be slapping also if the idle is low it can cause the chain to slap.
  6. gp450

    Vavles: Trails vs. MX

    Mine were toast the first summer I had my 06. I only trail ride. I bought a head from Ron Hamp and I havn't had a problem since. I've had to shim the valves twice in 4 years.
  7. gp450

    No toil "oil" reminds of shampoo?

    I havn't seen the new stuff. I know when I bought the kit a while back the grease was green. Thats good to hear because that would suck if he used the grease on his whole filter.
  8. gp450

    No toil "oil" reminds of shampoo?

    I know the grease in that kit is green. Your not thinking that the grease is the filter oil are you? The filter oil it self is red.
  9. gp450


    If you have a shim kit just start on the high side and go down from there thats the way I had to do it when I replaced my head. It was a simple prosess.
  10. gp450

    Cam chain

    Thats what I thought thanks:thumbsup:
  11. gp450

    Cam chain

    Do you have to pull the fly wheel off to replace the chain? I just ordered all my top end parts and didn't even think of that. Has anybody had a chain come apart? I have the manual chain tensioner so I can take any slack out.
  12. I must have posted this on the wrong forum:excuseme:
  13. I am in the prosess of rebuilding the top end on my 06 crf450 and I am installing a stage 2 cam and was wondering if Im going to have to rejet with this cam. The bike is all stock with a TI 4 muffler and stock head pipe. Jetting is stock right now and ran fine.
  14. gp450

    Jetting for stage 2 hotcam?

    Stock jetting and I live in Michigan if that helps.
  15. I have an 06 with the ti 4 muffler other than that its all stock.