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  1. lussier37

    Advice on stack, a little harsh

    d702, this is Gary and I have the rear shock parts for you. Please send me an e-mail to looshmaster37@gmail.com so I can get you the info for paypal. Thanks, Gary
  2. lussier37

    New Clutch Dragging

    I am having the same problem now that I put my new Hinson complete assembly and new plates and springs. I thought after replacing everything the clutch would be perfect but now it is hard to pull and seems like something is wrong. It also drives a little while the clutch is in? Is there any certain way the rod that goes through from the magneto side to the clutch side is supposed to be? I have it pushed all the way in from the clutch side? I can't believe this? I have done about 5 of these before and never had this problem? Please help!!!!
  3. lussier37

    Titanium Header Pipe Bright Red?

    Thanks for the help, I was scared it was not normal. Now that I have seen others the same I am not so worried. I will be very careful not to touch it though!! Now I wonder if the Pro Circuit exhaust will give it more punch??? Does anyone have any feedback on their exhaust compared to stock?
  4. I just put a new titanium header pipe on my 05 CRF 450 and after starting it the color turned so red it scared me. Is this normal and should I worry about it? I know not to let it idle too long or it will overheat but this is new to me. Please help? Thanks