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  1. 230stroker

    CRF's Only ??

    Do you have their phone #?
  2. 230stroker

    CRF's Only ??

    Does anyone know where CRF's Only is located? Has anyone dealt with them? Are they on line only or do they have a shop-store? Thanks.
  3. 230stroker

    Rough Running XL185

    I believe the air gap on the CDI pick (on the end of the cam) should be .012" (Thousands) and Honda recomends using brass feeler guages on this. Also, the stock exhaust on the XL185's and XL200's are very restrictive so they have lower performance compared to the XR models. The carb on the XL185 is a 24 mm and the XR 200 R has a 26mm so it is an easy upgrade to switch to the 200 carb as it will bolt right on.
  4. 230stroker

    Vintage Trial event on Feb. 18 &19

    Don't for get about this AHRMA Vintage Trials event this weekend.
  5. 230stroker

    Looking For An Xr200 Rolling Chassis?

    What year XR 200 chassis are you looking for? I have a couple of them. I am also in Calif.
  6. 230stroker

    CRF 230 carb needed

    I'm interested in your carb. P.M. me please.
  7. You don't say if you are using a battery or not (Baja Designs uses a Ni-Cad type), these are used to prevent the diming of the lights at idle.
  8. 230stroker

    inverted forks on an xr 400 ?

    If you use the early 90's CR triple clamps you shouldn't have to do any mods to the steering stem. They are the ones with the same size bearing on the top and bottom.
  9. 230stroker

    Can I run a battery instead of hte Stator/flywheel

    If you use a breaker point ignition it is very easy to use a battery. Wiring is changed a bit and run a 12v d-c coil. You could remove the outer flywheel and just run the center part that has the point cam on it. Some flywheel weight is useful to keep from stalling the motor. Stock, the CDI runs on a-c power from the mag, not sure if it will run on d-c from a battery. Maybe the CDI doesn't care. If So Cal says it has been done then I'm sure there is a way.
  10. I bet if every person who owns one of these bikes called Clarke Mfg. and asked if they had a bigger (3 gallon?) tank for this bike, it wouldn't take long before they offered one for sale.