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  1. how can i add the tether to the stock wiring can ne one help me? i have a 04 yfz450
  2. Yamaha

    i herd it lets more oil squirt on the wrist pin so i doesnt seize up i guess its a big problem with the 04 yfz450 im just wondering if anyone knows how its done
  3. ive herd alot about ppl using the oil mod but cant seem to find out how its done and would like to since my engine is fuct and i need to split the case anyway any help would be awsome
  4. Yamaha

    my buddy just got one its nice, comes powder coated frame big shocks on the front and its wide but small tires, my other buddy took it for a spin and he said its kinda whimpy but its all stock right now ill have to wait till they race and i get mine fixed then ill smoke it..
  5. Yamaha

    u have to warm it up alot in the winter and keep on the gas when its idoling when mine ran it was like shit unless i warmed it up for like 5 to 10 min maybe try to richen ur gas/air mixture in the winter and if ur not sure if your pipe glows red right where it bends then that means its too lean.... good luck ride to die
  6. Yamaha

    i put a brand new battery in my yfz its an 04 and i got it started once with the new battery and then it just quit and now it only turns over once when u push the start button i had my starter rebuilt and still nothing i dont have enough money to get it looked at unfortunitaly. has anyone herd anything about lack of oil to parts of the engine casuing it to seize to blow something. trying to explore all possibilities....
  7. Yamaha

    I put 1'1/2'' snowmoblie studs on the stock tires 54 in each tire on the back and a bit smaller studs and only 16 in the front tires and i never got stuck i had to put tubes in them so they dont leak but i hooked up in everything and they do crazy burnouts on cement sparks and smoke everywhere just dont do it on ur drive way..... good luck
  8. Yamaha

    hey man i used to fix tires for a living and i did alot of avt tires and its possible to fix a hole in the sidewall but u should use a patch grind down the tire a little bit to scruff it up so the glue holds better and put a tube in it cause u dont wanna take the chance of blowing the patch when ur on the trails good luck
  9. Yamaha

    Im thinking about getting a 475cc big bore kit from athena anybody have it or no if its good or will casue more problems....
  10. Yamaha

    hey man, my buddie has a yfz 450 as do i and he had put a dyna spark advance system on it. it allows you to set your power curves and advance your spark. one of the fastest 450s ive seen he was beating everyone he drag raced even up hill. the only thing is its expensive like $700 if u got the bank for it do it its worth it. good luck man
  11. Yamaha

    its brand new i started it once with that battery but i went to a larger cbr 600 battery casue i read on the net that the extra juice helps it turn over better but i had only got it started once then just kept tryin to start it over and i had the charger on it alot. i just the the starter rebuilt or cleaned whatever they do and its still the same problem it almost started a few times now but didnt full start.
  12. Yamaha

    Man either go curtis sparks or pro circuit t4 the t4 is really loud and if u get the full pipe u will notice some more power.
  13. I have a yfz 450 and i took the stock tires and put 54 1''1/2 snowmobile stud boy studs carbide tipped in the back with tubes so no leaks. In the front i put 3 big washers on all 16 on the studs to make them a bit smaller and also have tubes in them they work great on everything. no recomending you drive on ur own lawn it rips the grass up.
  14. Yamaha

    I got a 2004 yfz 450 wont start just turns over once and clicks from the battery. I just got me starter rebuilt and a new bigger battery. ne ideas of what to do?