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  1. tm

    scalvini the best by far
  2. very nice we have 9 waiting to be collected from the factory , follow us on instagram tmracingandorra
  3. Hi mate , good luck with the dealership , we opened TM dealership and workshop in Andorra . If you some great parts for the TM bikes contact SMproject and TEKMO Carbon . we are running a supermoto race team in 2018 , we just ordered 9 new bikes when we're at the factory last month after ECIMA show if you need any help
  4. We have one as well lovely bike
  5. Nice my smx
  6. Valves are different Piston different , if they can order my parts they can order smx parts . make sure you keep the oil changes up to it and filters every second change
  7. Well we got the dealership for TM , it has taken ages to get the workshop showroom {still working on it} ands company stuff sorted out but we are just about there now , new bikes are ordered and on the way Please give us a follow on Instagram tmracingandorra : here is our workshop the Avintia Ducati team launch was on monday and they asked if they could get the bikes ready in our workshop Angel had to try it out i think the supremo could take it :-} little pic from last weekend training with British Supermoto boys down testing for the new season
  8. great news congrats , don't forget about there dirt track bikes they are awesome straight out of the box just gave you a follow , we are opening a new TM deanship here in Andorra as well
  9. waited 7 months they have only just been released so you did well to have one already
  10. FOR SALE built it 12 months ago , but i need to let it go as i have get new models for the dealership we are opening it in a 97 CR 500 engine fitted into a 2014 TM SMX chassis , the engine was fully rebuilt and only 2 hours on it i am based in northern spain but bike can be shipped work wide at buyer expense but if it needs to be stripped and created i will cover that price is 8,500 euro
  11. it was about 10 days ago , we were training at Argumont do start practice with 1-2 lap mini races , i had just come in when this happened my mate Joonas { 4 time world long track champion} moved to the inside were brad baker clipped his arm , this locked Brads front brake one sending him down and his bike went under Joonas rear wheel to result in one of the nastiest crashes iv seen in a long time . Joonas broke his femur and the bone came out through the skin and also fractured his pelvis , he had his leg fixed last Wednesday and pelvis was done today
  12. cant see the pics
  13. that a bit of over kill give it 10-15 3/4 throttle let it cool and ride it change oil at end of the day
  14. looks like ill be ordering 2017 SMX 450 , 300 MX 2 stroke and the new 300 MX 4 stroke :-}}} i will need the new models anyway as we are now the TM importer for Andorra only just got back from EICMA show in Italy and the 2017 launch
  15. i hope to be ordering 2 new ones soon , and no i won't go for the ohlins rear shock , i have ridden mine back to back with most of the new models and its handling is very good and balanced the forks are better than most