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  1. shmity24

    To race?

    hey whats up i have a 2005 yz125 its all stock and im looking to get into racing.... im pretty good so its not like im not going to ride the bike like a *****.... what are some things you would recomened on doin to make better chance for me rather than just a stock bike?
  2. shmity24

    My 2005 yz 125

    hey whats up i have a 2005 yz 125 i got it brand new... clearence got it for christamas know im looking for some more power out of it! im already getting an fmf fatty but what else can i get to get more speed out of the turns i dont need anymore top speed.... what should i get?
  3. i dont know what to start on i got my yz125 runs good but got 400$ to spend what should i get?