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    Tomac's Bike Setup

    His setup is definetely very unique. Sort of like a MTB setup as someone mentioned. Whatever he has figured out he can sure ride the ragged edge of death. Its either hes on fire or on the ground. 😅 Very big differences between ET3 and RV2 riding basically the same bike. ET3 rides over the front wheel and RV2 "steers with his back wheel" according to the Shaheen/Emig duo. lol

    motocross Tomac's Bike Setup

    Is it just me or does Tomac's bike setup seem a bit oddball compared to many other riders. It seems like his Bars are shortened on each end as he almost rides with his elbows inward similar to a BMX bike. The rear of his bike seems awfully high as well almost like he runs no sag. Now his raw speed is something else. What i have noticed is his cornering. He rarely sits down in corners compared to the rest of the field. It seems to keep alot more momentum entering the corner as well as exiting. Its almost like he studied herlings riding style and has applied it to his. They both have similar raw speed and the corner speed they carry is unbelievable. This alone puts bus lengths on the competition throughout a 35 min moto. These are just my visuals, feel free to chime in as this will be a long MX season still if he keeps up these dominant performances. And no I am not a Tomac nutswinger....lol
  3. has anyone tried this oversize front brake kit off of ebay? is it worth the money, or just better off buying a braking or galfer rotor? http://www.ebay.com/itm/YZF-YZ450F-YZ250F-FRONT-Brake-Oversized-Floating-Disc-Rotor-270mm-KIT-08-12-NEW-/380398056853?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr&hash=item58917db595#ht_2351wt_1270

    03-09 front hub

    Does the front hubs from 2003-2009 interchange. I am looking at purchasing a oversize front rotor for my 2009 yz450, but the rotor setup is off a 2003 yz450. I'm assuming the bolt pattern should be the same for the rotor, the spacer bracket might be out a little if anything. Any input?

    what ever happened to: Tyler Evans???

    well seeing as evans got shot in his shoulder/arm, and j-law has been in jail for numerous things, seems like a sponsor like no fear would suit them. LOL, now they just need a good race team name, and they would be tearing it up in the media
  6. Has anyone seen or heard of him still racing. I think him and j-law would be a badass team. any input

    Dr.D or MRD??

    probably should of gave some more info. the bike does have a wiseco 13.5:1 piston. I was thinking of going with the hotcams stage 1 intake, and stage 2 exhaust. But im sure a crower or webcam would be a better bang for the buck. im not looking for crazy mods, just a bit lazy out of the corners. so its either a mrd, or a yoshi if i can find a good deal on one.

    Dr.D or MRD??

    I currently own a 2007 yz250f. It has a full hindle pipe on it. It just doesnt seem to cut it as a well rounded pipe. I have had two previous crf's with daves MRD racing system on them. The pipes were amazing power wise, and quality of craftsmanship. I have no ride time with the Dr.D system, but doug dubach does put alot of R&D time into his pipes. I want to get everyones opinion on the best overall pipe for the 250f. The bottom end sucks on these bikes, and am really looking to pick up some bottom over anything. thanks for any input cory

    07 yz250f wont run

    no i had a 06 crf450 that had about 100 hours on it and no sign of the valves even moving. Pretty stout. Now the 250f's, another story. I did take it out riding last night and it ran pretty well until it suddenly locked up. It is like a crank seizing when it does this. It makes a whine and abruptly stops. Nothing like running out of gas. still having problems, but the bike actually runs now. still very confused.
  10. NVR ENDN

    07 yz250f wont run

    not too sure what it was, but i redid everything said and somehow the bike runs now. finally after about 20 hours of trying. should of stuck with my honda, LOL
  11. NVR ENDN

    07 yz250f wont run

    thanks for the very detailed post mkporn. It seems like my next step is trying the compression test. something is obviously up, just not seeing where the real problem lies. i will go over these problems again and see if any of this fixes it.
  12. NVR ENDN

    07 yz250f wont run

    the stroker crank moves the pin location on the rod instead of on the piston. I added a link to hotrods ride for the crank that was in the bike. I already checked before i rebuilt it that it uses a stock piston. I also made sure it came to TDC before i reassembled it, and it was where it was supposed to come up to. http://www.hotrodsproducts.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=cProducts.view&productid=520
  13. NVR ENDN

    07 yz250f wont run

    i checked the flywheel key, everything seems fine and is still lined up when i took the stator off to remove it. I will try and check the compression as well. i dont see it being the compression because it definetely feels good when kicking over. I will check the pilot jet as well. again.
  14. NVR ENDN

    07 yz250f wont run

    Hey i have a serious problem. I recently tore down my 07 yz250f to take the 264 stroker crank out of it because of the vibration. I just replaced it with the stock crank that came with it. It was in perfect shape. I re-ringed the wiseco 13.5:1 piston. Just did a basic tear down and reassembly. Pulled the carb and cleaned it twice now. Didnt adjust anything. It has an adjustable fuel screw. Everything went back together fine. Timing is spot on and it is getting tons of gas. It is actually leaving unburnt all over the piston. You can smell it as well. It starts once in a while but it takes alot of kicks to get it going. When it finally decides to start it only runs for 5-10 seconds then dies immediately like it ran out of gas, or the spark died. I tried different spark plugs, different spark plug boots, a different stator. It doesnt seem to have a really strong spark. I am not really sure where to go now. Ive been trying for a week now to try and get this thing running properly. I need some help from other peoples experience with their bikes. I just dont wanna bring it in and spend the money right now. cory
  15. Hey, i currently own a 2006 crf450. Basically stock except the suspension is setup for my weight and riding style. I race ''B" class. The thing is the stroke on the compression is just too stiff for me. I am light, around 150lbs. But it beats the hell out of me. I have ridden suzukis and yamahas that were like riding couches when they soak up bumps. My honda just seems to chatter and swap over little stuff. It is just taking a toll on my body. The suspension is one by a local suspension company here in michigan. I just dont know if i should try something different, or where to go with it. I also rode a 06crf450 with rg3 suspension parts in it, and it worked flawless. Just dont know where to spend money, or if its just to aggressive for my light weight. thanks cory