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  1. bmms

    Good Friday ride at Brushy...

    NCMountainman I look forward to seeing this new wonder ride. I'm in the same boat you'r in regarding the 15 years and the 40+ pounds. I haven't ridden since Oct. 1, I had about 1/2 of the cartilage taken out of my left knee Oct. 3 and it's not much better than it was before surgery. Just remember that Brushy Mountain will be closed Easter Sunday.
  2. bmms

    Brushy, 3/8 let's go!

    New doesn't always solve the problem. I could mention lots of people that bought new year models of their current bikes and hated them liked they loved their other older bikes. It took many of them several months to get the bugs out of their new bikes. Good luck with your problem, it's probably that it doesn't get ridden enough.
  3. bmms

    Brushy This Weekend

    Gotta' give Goosedog grief, his riding buddies put me up to it. He can last a whole weekend at Durhamtown but only a 1/2 day at Brushy.
  4. All told we have close to 100 hours of tree cutting and removal from our trails at Brushy following last Thursday night and Friday mornings ice storm. All the trails should be cleared by Friday afternoon late with the possible exception of the last 2 miles of the Enduro Trail. See you on the Mountain, Richard PS. Tell the TT Newbie BCC he might want to bring along another clean pair of underwear since he has only ridden at CAW and not on the "Mountain". "Cause Flat Ain't Where It's At".
  5. bmms

    Sniper,gmoss, you guys going?

    I hope DP didn't get any rain down there way. As much fun as DP is, it's one slippery, slimey place when its wet. I've never seen flat ground so difficult to ride as the time we were there during a two day rain. It made me want a quad and I don't ride them except for work. Have Fun.
  6. bmms

    Brushys closed..lets ride CAW

    Thursday night and Friday morning we received an ICE storm at Brushy and there are trees and tree tops down on all the trails. We will be cutting trees for the next two or three days just to be open next weekend. Good luck finding a dry riding area this weekend and have fun at CAW. Richard Mull
  7. bmms

    Last Minute Brushy Mtn. Ride 1/13/07

    It was a little slippery and muddy in some places today at Brushy but it dryed out great during the day with everyone riding. It should be in overall great shape for Sunday. The weather forcast for Sunday is a chance of showers around 3PM, or at least that's what the weatherman says. One of the really good things about riding Brushy or any mountain style OHV Parks are that they drain very quickly while the lower elevation parks collect water and take much longer to drain or dry out.
  8. bmms

    anyone near Gastonia NC?

    Whenever you flatlanders get your skills built up or your endurance better and maybe even your nerve, you need to come up and "Ride the Mountain". Brusy Mountain has over 60 miles of ONE Way trails that bikes can ride and some of the best single track around. So, for you guys that haven't been to Brushy Mountain that talk about the "Hills" and tough single track at some of the other OHV locations here in the South East, get a scooter chair.
  9. bmms

    Brushy mtn this weekend

    We finished the return loop back to the beginning of the Enduro single track a couple of weeks ago but all the rain and bad weather have kept most of the single track riders away. There are 7 short cuts off the Enduro Single track before it brings you back out to the main trail 1 A. As the Enduro Trail comes back on to Trail 1A you can turn right and follow the wider atv/bike trail or you can go straight across and ride single track back to within 250 feet of the beginning. At that point you can rerun the Enduro Trail again or you can stay on the main trail 1A. We are getting ready to start laying out more single track in the B section of the trail system. Hope we see you this weekend the weather looks like it will be good. Richard
  10. Brushy Mountain Motor Sports Park will be open the regular schedule the weekend before Christmas-Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We will be CLOSED Monday Christmas Eve the 24th, Tuesday Christmas Day the 25th and Wednesday the day after Christmas the 26th. Brushy Mountain will REOPEN Thursday the 27th and remain OPEN Through Jan. 1st NEW YEARS DAY. All open days of riding are still Weather Permitting, however now that the Park has been in operation for over 5 years the trails are much less sensitive to bad weather and rain. The entire Main Trail System (37 miles) is rideable within 12 hours of the last rain but the Black Diamond Single Track Bike only will whip your Butt at least twice as bad as it normally does. Come celebrate the Holidays at Brushy Mountain.
  11. bmms

    Brushy Mountain ride! Sat. 12/8/07

    We opened up a new section of single track enduro at the end of the A Riders only enduro trail. There may be a few guys riding it Friday but it will still be pretty much a Virgin Trail this weekend. Dave you need to bring Andy and Will and take some more Video. Also how is Andy's hand? I hope you guys can make it this weekend because the weather looks great. Richard
  12. bmms

    Brushy Mountain ride! Sat. 12/8/07

    I enjoy hearing all the stories about the Goat Trail. Since we had a dry, dusty Summer that trail has been ridden by more people that will be in for a big surprise if they try to ride it anytime soon. I saw some videos of Dave Mac trying to make it up the first "little" hill climb Saturday and it sounded like he was riding a chain saw. Everytime he gave it the gas he stopped moving forward. The rear tire broke loose everytime he twisted the throttle. He also got to see some good crashes himself when they were riding the new Enduro Trail. One of the riders in their group tried to go up the hard way "wrong way" on the last little hill climb. He crashed at least 4 times showing them how not to attempt a hill climb. It was better than watching the Saturday morning cartoons as a kid. I understand the animals in the forest learned a bunch of new words this Saturday......
  13. bmms

    anyone want to ride thursday 28th

    How do you rate 2 Thursdays off in a row. Did you convince your boss or wife that this Thursday was Thanksgiving? Let me know how you do it and I will try to use this one some time. Richard bmms
  14. bmms

    Brown Mtn ride 11/25

    I wondered how long it would take before someone took a bite of what's STF. The weatherman and his bum forcast convinced everybody to stay home today because "It was gonna' Rain." At Brushy we had a 5 minute light sprinkle before 7 AM and then it was just overcast until about 4:30PM when it started to let loose another light shower. We had a very small crowd due to the "Rain" that everyone was told was coming. You couldn't ask for better conditions and Brown was probably good too. Richard bmms
  15. bmms

    brushy mtn friday after thanksgiving

    Gump, No offense taken about Brushy Single track, we know it's going to take you some time to "get in shape" from the waist down and learn how to stand while riding the tough stuff since you are coming from a 4 wheeled vehicle. But be patient it will come. Also while riding off camber trails, weight the down hill side footpeg to help the tires bite into the trail. We have several short single track sections scattered throughout the Park that can be ridden without taking to much time. They are 10C and the single track section in between connecting the other end of 10C but what ever you do don't take 11C until you start to feel really confident. 11C is not to long but it is VERY tough and physical. Also there is 7 & 8 C a short single track section to your left just as you come out the end of 1C. The next section of single track will be 2B, it is 2.3 miles long with some wider sections throughout its length. The next step up will be the first loop of the Enduro Trail. This trail brings you back to the main loop trail 1A or you can stay on the Enduro Trail. The farther you go into the enduro trail the tougher it gets. That's why we have 5 or 6 short cuts out to the main wider trail loop. Then there is the enduro cross single track practice trail just across the creek in front of the office. This is a good little trail that will have off camber, a few log crossings and just about everything you will find while riding single track without having to go a long way out into the woods. Keep riding that 2 wheeled machine. Richard www.bmmspark,com