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    Thanks for the responses. I have used the float and the float needle from my perfectly running KDX so I feel like I can eliminate those components.... I am intrigued by the second response. so it was running down the brass barrel that the needle seats into? Interesting and that would explain why nothing is working to fix it. Is that part replaceable?
  2. I am having an issue on a 2002 KDX 200 I am working on for a friend. Bike starts and runs great until I start moving the fuel around in the float bowl. I can do this by pumping the forks, lifting the rear wheel, or rolling and braking hard. When I do anyone of these things the bike floods and dies. I can keep it going with more throttle but it is so fat and burbly.... like the choke is on. I am certain that float level is affecting it but my issue is very strange: I adjusted float height to spec (16mm) and even went as far as taking the float out of my bike that is running great to see if that would fix it. It did not. Here is the strange part. If I lower the fuel level in the float bowl, by adjusting the float way out of spec, the bike runs better.. except under hard braking. If I turn the fuel off at the petcock the bike will run like crap.... then run pretty good.... then run perfect until it runs out of gas... It seems like the fuel is getting pulled up through a jet or through the choke..... It is definitely flooding out. I replaced the choke plunger in hopes that would fix it but no...... I have installed my needle valve to see if that was the problem... nope.... I have had the carb apart 4000 times and I cant see anything wrong. What could cause this?? Is something plugged and causing the fuel to get pulled in the wrong port? Is something broken internally on the carb body? I am at a total loss and this guy wants his bike back.... HELP!! With all respect... before anyone suggests it... This is not an electrical issue, or a clutch issue, or an idle adjustment. I have proven to myself the fuel is sloshing in the bowl and flooding the bike.... I just do not know how to fix it.... Surely I am not the only guy to run into this. Thanks in advance for any expert advice you can give.
  3. heatmaker

    2002 Power valve breather question.

    thats what I was thinking. Some epoxy. Thanks!
  4. heatmaker

    2002 Power valve breather question.

    huh.. I just assumed all fiches were created equal but not true. found the number thanks... i feel dumb. any idea how to press those breather nipples out?
  5. I am looking for some info (part # or where I could find the #) on the spring bushing that goes in the left side of the power valve. My service manual(clymer) shows one but I dont see it on the bike bandit fiche. It is not a spring but appears to lock the springs together and create tension to each other. I either lost it or there was not one in there. I have to find a new one and my dealer has not been much help. Another question I have is how do you press out the bad and press in the good when you need new power valve breather nipples. Both of mine are broken and only have a brass sleeve coming off the cylinder. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Gotta get this yellow beast back on the track!
  6. heatmaker

    de-glazing cylinder 06??

    Thanks for the info man. Looks pretty much straightforward.
  7. heatmaker

    de-glazing cylinder 06??

    I have an 06 that I am trying to get up and running. The cylinder seems ok but it is pretty shiny....ok you could shave with it as your mirror. My friend has a deglazer which I think is something of a honing stone. I could not find anything in the manual about the cylinder wall finish. I remember that a nikasil plated cylinder in my old KX needed a special honing stone. Is this thing nikasil plated and should I even worry about honing it? will the oil rings carry enough oil?? Help! This is my first performance four stroke attempt and I really want to move ahead with this. Thanks in advance for all your help.
  8. heatmaker

    pics of bike. =D

    That day sounds worse than the one you described!! LOL
  9. heatmaker

    500AF Nevada Desert

    Thanks for that!!! Over on the east coast we have much different riding. The 500 may be a bit much for what we do. Doesnt make me want one any less though. Cool video!!
  10. heatmaker

    2005 Kx250

    Sweet bike!! I had an 01 and traded to an 05. The only thing to look out for is that you have to run a high octane gas and there is no way to put lights on it for offroad use. How much? Matt
  11. heatmaker

    Looking for a good quality stator and rectifer

    Thanks again. I am aware of the principles of electrical theory What I meant was to get a sator that could light a 75w bulb at higher RPM and to use a regulator/rectifier to send the extra power to ground(at those higher rpm) and power a 55w bulb . The only lights my bike can use are a total loss system off of a battery. Ill be sure to speak more clearly in the future and maybe refer back to my basic principles of electrical theory from trade school 25 years ago. Must be an engineer in training, I thought we were just shootin the breeze about bikes! lol Thanks for the website info but its a no can light on the 05 and newer KXs. Matt
  12. heatmaker

    Looking for a good quality stator and rectifer

    thanks sean! I checked out the website and didnt find anything for a lighting coil on an 05 or newer KX. I am going to call them as soon a s those lazy west coasters get out of bed!! LOL. Im hoping they can supply me with at least 55w of power and Ill regulate it down to 35w so I can have some trail lights!! 75w would be ideal. regulate that down to 55w and Ill be able to light the wy home. Matt
  13. heatmaker

    Looking for a good quality stator and rectifer

    THe problem you are going to have is that you have an 05, as do I. They seem to have stopped making the lighting coils any newer than that for the Kawasakis. Im bummed b/c I have always wanted to build a badass woodsbike and I feel like the Kawi is a great platformfor it. I guess I coukd still build it for the woods but with no lights if the ride runs alittle long. If any body knows a place that will build a alight coil for an 05 KX 250 please help us out. Thanks, Matt
  14. heatmaker

    Just finished Dynojet mod--- a few observations

    How is the gas mileage with the jet kit?
  15. heatmaker

    The 05 is battle ready!!(pics)

    Thanks for the nice words guys! KX 02- whats up with yours? You gotta get out there man, its been a long winter. Is Art the hybrid guy? Yeah his pictures suck! LOL:p Matt