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    aftermarket pegs... whatcha got?

    Pivot pegz are the best pegs , just get them.
  2. JDickey

    Yz 450 fork conversion

    Thanks for all the comments. I would like to move up to the 06' bike , but at this point my 04' is real fresh with high quality parts and the only thing left to modify is the front forks. That is why i'm looking into the newer suspension. On Ebay I am keeping track of a set of 07' yz 250f forks, triple clamps, stem and bearings complete. Any ideas if that would fit? I thought i read somewhere that the stem length for that year was shortened and thus wouldn't transfer, but i'm not sure. So if I purchased that set i might have to press on a new stem and make sure the wheel spacers align correctly, but thats it right? Sounds doable? Thanks again.
  3. Will the newer years (06'-08') yz forks and or triple clamps and stem fit on a 04' yz 450 ? I was interested in converting my 04' to the newer Kayabas, if anyone has information on this, please share. Thanks.