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  1. MES Racing


    I just recently got back into dirt biking. I will be mainly riding trails that are intermediate/muddy/rocky and I'm wondering what would be the best tire? The stock style tires on my 03 YZ250F did not perform well this past weekend in the mud. I'm also new to the forum and could not find a tire thread. Thanks.
  2. MES Racing

    Thinking Of Getting A Drz400sm??

    The DRZ SM is a good bike. I just bought mine 2 weeks ago. I have ridden sportbikes for the last twelve years and currently Road Race with WERA. The hp issue worried me too, but I wasn't having any fun with my GSXR on the street, so I purchased the SM. Yes, it could use more hp, but I'm having fun on this thing. If you want an out of the box super motard street legal, then I think this is the way to go. I may not get a ticket from speeding, but I'll probably get one from reckless driving.
  3. MES Racing

    New to TT

    Just wanted introduce myself to the Super Motard folks. Been riding for 24 years. Sport bikes for the last 12 years. Just bought a '06 DR-Z 400 SM. It's going to be a lot of fun once I get the motor broke in. Do you guys ever plan weekend trips (TWO, Deals Gap, etc)? How about track days or races?