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  1. did you ever figure this one out?
  2. You don't need titles in VT or NH to register bikes, especially if they are under 300cc. You can just make up a bill of sale. I'm not sure how CT is about inspecting two strokes. In MA, it depends on if you take it to the right place or not.
  3. you need to get it titled in NH or VT first. Your KDX comes with a Certificate of origin that says "for offroad use only", which most states will not accept. In VT and NH, they don't care. You have to have an address (and maybe a driver's license) in one of those states in order to do that. If you know someone up there, you could have him/her register and title it for you, then once they get the title, they can sign it over to you. It is a pain in the ass, but I know people who have done it. My brother bought his WR from a guy in NH, so it was already titled.
  4. about guys on small bikes... what if your guy likes ***** bikes because he takes pleasure in smoking the other "dude-guys" that have the big bikes. I like that.
  5. i'm new to this site, just wondering if there are any ladies who ride in hatfield. I'm there every so often.
  6. thanks y'all!
  7. Does anyone know where to actually find pre-cut low seat foam (yz 250f)? My seat foam chopping skills are pretty ugly!