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  1. just cut out your backfire screen on your stock cage, unless the money is not to big of a deal. its just nice to use whatever filter you want
  2. radcliffem


    brake cleaner works great. also the pro taper grip blue works great, your grips will never slip if you use this, just a little tough to slip on and you have to do it under 10 seconds or its dried but its definitely the best
  3. radcliffem

    What boot color do you suggest?

    everyone thinks white boots get a worn look quickly, but honestly i have a white set of tech 8s and after i get done riding ill power wash them and it keeps them looking new. and i would definitely say go with the white grey it gos a lot better with the outfit the red in the others throw it off
  4. radcliffem

    12.8-1 vs 13.5-1 compression

    clip the gray wire on your wr, and you may be happy with that and not want the high comp piston. We did it to a guys at my work, and it made a world of difference more so on the over rev. but also all around
  5. radcliffem

    What do you all use to clean your chain?

    i like to to use carb and choke cleaner because it is pressurized it sprays everything right off, apply it right in front of the chain guard where it will not get on any other part of the bike. no scrubbing needed
  6. radcliffem

    Specific Mega Bomb quetions...

    honestly i can tell you that you will notice a little on bottom and it will pull a little better. If i had to do it again i would definitely spend the money on suspension, it is not a big enough difference for me.
  7. j-laws lungs are coated in resin
  8. have been looking at new helmets and not really sure what to get, i have been looking at six six one and thor, but dont want to spend as much as a shoei or arai.
  9. I have a older axo carbon fiber helmet that i have had a few good crashes on and this weekend i had a pretty good crash and had a seizure and got knocked out. Just wondering if there is anyway to tell if the helmet is still good.
  10. radcliffem

    2007 KTM 250 SX-F or Honda 2007 CRF250R

    exactly ktm had the slowest lap times from beginner to pro, also handling on a honda is much better than ktm, the ktm will just push in corners, and they feel like a enduro bike in the air, this is coming from a 07 250 sx-f owner and my dad has the crf and is a much better bike in my opinion
  11. are pump is not cause your not strong but more because your riding tense and not staying loose, i weigh 130 pounds but get less arm pump than the strongest guy out there
  12. radcliffem

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    4 within the family
  13. radcliffem


    the axo carbon fibers are about as light as they get, and as good as they get
  14. radcliffem

    Small Trail Bike to Play On

    i would definitely get a crf 150 or ttr 125, i would say ttr 125 because it is still quite a bit lighter than the 150
  15. radcliffem

    Could it happen

    like everyone else said definitely try and sell it yourself, try the local paper instead of ebay