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  1. Where you goin?
  2. Bailed this weekend. Planning on next. G
  3. Great idea. Good luck getting everyone to participate. G
  4. What year? Yammis are pretty bomb proof if maintained properly.
  5. colorado

    They never used to close seasonally in the spring until about ten years or so ago, maybe fifteen. G
  6. "Mountain bikers often spend years convincing the local authorities (park, county, property owners) to get a trail made." "and ride as far away as possible from densely populated areas is certainly the best course of action." While this may be true in some cases, almost always the opposite it true. Case in point- Moab. Trails there were created by 4 wheelers and dirt bikes and and now the mtb'ers are pissed that dirt bikers are riding on "their" trails. Lots of confrontation on similarly created trails in Colorado that mtb'ers now feel dirt bikes don't belong on. As soon as a mountain biker rides a trail that was created by other user groups and figures out it's a great trail, they want it for themselves. No way Ima gonna ride as far away from Moab as possible, thats just ridiculous. G
  7. colorado

    I'm sure, even though it's closed, there will still be plenty of people attempting to go up there since no one pays attention. G
  8. Tentatively planning an RV trip 4/20- 4/23. G
  9. So, to kinda get this back on track. To the OP- Yes, i think that all trail users should pay the same fee, motorized or not. I ride both db and mtb and have been fighting the incorrect notion that dirt bikers are the evil empire at forest meetings for years. Mtb'ers get all douchey when they think that they are the only ones that should be allowed on certain trails. They need to wake up and smell the roses- greenies are pitting them against us in an effort to get rid of us, when they have accomplished that mtb will be next on the list. G
  10. If you and ever get together to go ride I guess I'm in for a raft of sh*t 'cause I wear long pants and ride KTM. G
  11. What, if anything, do you hope to accomplish by making it louder? Other than the obvious?
  12. What size/ tires/ wheels?
  13. Big fan of Pivot Pegz. Have some ankle issues that are less severe with these. G
  14. Lotta times rad is fine after initial bending, though when attempting to bend back leaks will develop. G
  15. Three words....Fair Market Value