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  1. G 9.5


    Gate is open this weekend. FYI
  2. G 9.5


    Awesome of you to say so. Got the go ahead. I will still have some grip and strength issues so need to be cognizant of that, don't want bars coming out of my hand, that might not be good. Maybe a little cool this weekend for PC, will have to wait and see. Cameras down there look dry as of now. I will not be up to speed until warmer weather, but that could be a good thing. Lisa has new GG 250 trials bike she wants to try out so we will be down there ASAP. How's the knee? G
  3. G 9.5


    Final surgeon's visit this am. Hoping for full release. Still having some grip/strength issues, but hope it will get better with tt (throttle therapy). I will keep you posted. Want to get out ASAP if I get the green light. G
  4. G 9.5


    Awesome, thanks for the reply. BLM site says road/ gate closed and no info at the recorded line due to government shutdown, according to recording. G
  5. G 9.5


    Anyone know if the gate at Penrose is open?
  6. Helmets are a very personal fit. For the price of high end helmets these days I opt for 6D. Same price (within 20 bucks or so) as Shoei and Arai. Rode with Shoei for years but have ridden with 6D for the last 6 years. GREAT helmet and protection no one else offers. G
  7. G 9.5

    How much is my cr80rb 2000 worth?

    Don't know about down there but around here maybe $1000.00
  8. G 9.5

    Best fuel filter?

    +1 0n the Golan.......
  9. G 9.5

    Websites to sell Dirt Bike

    WOW......I only got two goats fer mine.......
  10. Don't know how many, if any, of you on here knew Andy "Android" Atkins. He was a great man on and off the track. He passed this last Saturday, due to an aneurysm, too young, he was in his mid forties. RIP Android, you will be missed. G
  11. I think you need a bigger torch.........
  12. G 9.5

    New Member Ireland

    Welcome James, G.
  13. This is akin to saying you do not need to know how to swim in order to jump off a bridge or cliff into water. Balance should be learned before attempting to learn clutch, throttle control. Put too many things in the mix and someone is bound to get hurt. While many kids get on a PW 50 or comparable before learning to ride a bike, it is unlikely that Evan is going to start on a bike that is only 50cc and has training wheels and a throttle limiter. G
  14. G 9.5

    New 2019 300 XC-W TPI

    Really just depends on what you like. There are many people in the world that would tell you money on a dirt bike is money wasted............................
  15. G 9.5

    Pivot Pegz all that? ... or not?

    I have a certain amount of ankle issues from years of riding db and mtb. PP really help with this and I run on all my bikes. G