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  1. G 9.5

    dirtbikes safer than ATVs?

    Had a friend when I was younger who rolled a kwad into a river. The machine pinned him and he drowned. Far more people are injured when the kwad lands on them. G
  2. G 9.5

    Moab trail lengths

    Pritchett (if you actually ride up ad down the canyon) is probably more dependent on skill than fuel capacity. I have heard of it taking groups several hours to go one way in there. If skilled can be done in .5 hr or less. G
  3. G 9.5

    2019 300 tpi

    Turbine core 2 I bought was $169.00 (plus I get a discount from my local dealer) and end cap is typically around $100.00 or so. TC is not 3X more than muffler. Jes sayin.......
  4. G 9.5

    2019 300 tpi

    Oh, forgot, expensiver................
  5. G 9.5

    2019 300 tpi

    FMF does not list a Q for the TPI on their site FYI. I wanted a Q but went with TC because of that fact. I hear between turbine core 2 and the 2.1, the 2.1 is supposedly quieter. It is also lighter. G
  6. G 9.5

    clutch bad ?

    Also get new lock washer for hub. That one looks pretty hammered. Best way to know all these values, limits etc. is to buy service manual. G
  7. G 9.5


    I am a die hard 6D guy. They have some clearances going on now for around 500. G
  8. G 9.5


    Didn't you get a manual for this when you bought it? On page 54 it states standard spring rate is for rider weight 165- 187 lbs. This is with gear. You should be alright. I would ride as is. G
  9. G 9.5

    2019 300 tpi

    Pro Moto Billet makes and end cap and there is FMF turbine core. Running tc on mine. G
  10. G 9.5

    Rico Dolores update?

    Really sad to see this is what it has come to. Too many people with no respect and feeling self entitled. Could lead to lawlessness.................
  11. G 9.5

    Tpi protection

    Looks like a personal cap not available to the public?
  12. G 9.5

    Denver Supercross

    Do you guys have your tickets yet? I just went online and it seems there are very few available. G
  13. G 9.5

    The KTM Gods are going to be angry!

    troll....... I like pie..........
  14. I have been told that ATF and acetone make the best penetrating oil to break free stuff like this. A guy I know just used this to free up 150 year old steam engine parts to disassemble, clean and rebuild. G
  15. G 9.5

    Denver Supercross

    Yes, I remember this well. My wife and I had just moved in to our first house. If I recall correctly it was also the first day of the Buffalo Creek fire back in '96. G