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  1. I like the floating rope bridge idea....maybe across the slurry corner?
  2. LOL...I take it thats your closet...Looks like you already have more shoes than I have "tear offs" in my gear bag nice carb girl .
  3. I did a little research this year for a helmet for my son..Looks like in order to get a 2005 "dot" and "snell" approved helmet we had to go to an adult size...Youth are "dot" approved but in order to make it "snell" approved they were too heavy (again has something to do with the shorter size) and the change in snell standards for 2005......the dealers all said they could get a a dot and snell youth, but when they went into look at it they were only dot....Just what I found when I was looking...they may make one in a top end helmet...
  4. Hey Blue girl13...Just looking at that kickstand is making me jealous...Looks like you have only ridden it a couple of times...My kick starter looks like a mouse has chewed on it..(hits the foot peg when you kick it over)...great bike
  5. Hi Welcome Heather...Again, as stated before , "you rock"..Nasty crash...good to see you smiling after....The take off is the easy part, its the landing that will get you.
  6. I'm 5'1 125lbs ...thirty something;) and love the 105..Go for it .
  7. I have an 07 105sx..(I'll see if I have a clean pic of it)...Ive looked into getting a larger tank, but they only have the front number plate accerbis..(I don't like the idea of having extra weight on the handle bars) on long rides, I pack gas in a backpack..Dump it in as soon as there is room...The 08 xc , has a slightly larger tank (but only slightly)..Love the bike...lots of fun.
  8. Ive got Taylor ... Mud Creek Run ..Aug 2 Dawson Creek, Gundy Pinner...Aug 3 Should be posted on the PNWMA site...check for updates
  9. Well I guess that mine is self explanatory..pammy was taken .. had to double up..known by my riding friends as pamaha, but now I have a ktm
  10. O.k...Just trying to figure out the posting of if its super large..I'll say sorry in advance This is our "dirty face pic"...Kinda hard to see, but we are dusty.. Hope you don't mind me posting your pic Mcgrady...
  11. Yup..Dumb question ...Love to get out to Kamloops and ride...Keep me posted..May end up bringing a group of girl..Sounds like a road trip :thumbsup:
  12. Nope Summerland..Missed the Chilliwack race...We ended up going down to Colville Wa. and meeting up with the Pantra group...Bbbom did a great job of leading ..Great trail systems down there...Kamloops isn't that far away...gonna have to try and make a date to get together and ride...
  13. Very Cool..Congrats..hope to see some great pics, or better yet , get together for a ride
  14. I never thought I would admit to this but Yes I have been...My husband and another couple went down to Las Vegas to the endurocross ...So we thought we would check out hooters while down there.. It :ride: service :ride: endurocross