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  1. motoworld01

    Chad Reed

    If you guys were betting people, would you say he is able to ride this weekend in a top 5 spot? Is that type of injury just a pain factor, or is it unstable and dangerous?
  2. motoworld01

    Dr. Mark-Chad Reed

    Is there any real way Chad reed can race effectively with only a weeks rest. Going by the stated reports, does a broken scapula get better over a week/ I understand it wont fully healy for a month or so, but is this something that can be better and more ridable next saturday. In the main, he looked like he was able to use it, Im thinking the pain and whatever he was taking was somewhat holding him back. Any thoughts?
  3. motoworld01


    went to see a doctor and i have a 1st degree ac sprain. Its been roughly ten days, its getting better but still sore and hurt when i raise it in different positions. My question is, can I ride this wkdn without making it worse (or course I can crash on it and do worse) but as far as normal riding and vibrations. Also..how much more time before I can hit the weights heavy again ie bench pressing pull ups back workouts etc
  4. motoworld01

    Dr. mark

    I posted just before about the shoulder. Forgot to add after putting heat to it, it becomes easier to move, would that suggest its a muscle type injury. Dr. Mark. Am I looking at surgery do you think? Or just time and rest. Also...would riding make the damage any worse
  5. motoworld01

    Shoulder Problem

    Dr. Mark. Am I looking at surgery do you think? Or just time and rest. Also...would riding make the damage any worse
  6. motoworld01

    Shoulder Problem

    Hello all. On monday, presidents day I crashed hard while skiing into my shoulder. I didnt think much of it then, but later realized i had a difficult time moving my shoulder. Its been 4 days, and I can move it, and when I try to raise my arm above my neck, it starts to hurt. ONly then does it hurt. I sleep fine, doesnt hurt unless i pick it up high front ways or sideways. I go for an xray on monday, but until then what do youguys think I am looking at. I was hoping it was just bruised. Also, the only place I can push down on and feel pain is at the end of the shoulder, where the bone is, it feels bruised. Any ideas
  7. I also sent you them via private message. Just in case that did not work, here are the x-rays. Thank you http://s102.photobucket.com/albums/m91/eagletd522/ they are located at the bottom.