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  1. I use a torque wrench se to the right toque,. Strangely enough all reports point to the drain bolt but the other two bolts seem not to be affected. The drain bolt is a different type to the other two. The bolt gets the same amount of use because I removew all 3 during a filter change.
  2. Thanks for the info., my mate is looking to sell the 4.1 (right model this time!) Anyways he says it will fit! Cant see how though if the header pipe is a different diameter. Thing is he will have to ship the unti to try. Does anyone know the difference in diameter?
  3. Thanks for the info. Assuming the pipe diameter is the same will the end pipe characteristics be the same or are they tuned different between bikes?
  4. Does anyone know if the Q 4.1 slip on from a WR250F will fit a WR450F and will there be any differences? Thanks in advance.
  5. Check your version of Adobe, I downloaded the file and all was O.K.
  6. 38 and ride a WR450F in the UK. I rode bikes all my life from 12 but gave up at about 30 thinking I was too old. Took a good mates WR400 for a ride and was hooked! Loving every minute of it, only the spills hurt more when your carrying more weight and things dont heal as quick.
  7. Did you use loctite on the thread to help keep the stud in? This might help with the oil leakage as well. I'm going to do the same mod to mine. Are you going to do all three bolts or just the one?
  8. If it is a drain bolt wont tapping or stripping the thread introduce swarf in the oil? Is the drain bolt the right side of the filter?
  9. Just looked furtrher down the forum!! Awesome idea. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=334449 This definetely must be a common problem
  10. Interested to find out, mine is about to go. Is this a common fault? My bike is an 04 WR450F.
  11. Interested to find out, mine is about to go. Is thisa common fault? My bike is an 04 WR450F.
  12. Thanks for all the advice, assuming the noise doesnt affect the performance of the clutch do you think its still worthwhile leaving it alone or will the mod. improve performance as well as noise levels?
  13. I was going to say I'm glad someone else has the same noise, but I'll wait to see if it is a real problem!! Lets both hope not.
  14. Boer, the noise is very slightly noisier when the engine has warmed up but its their straight from start up.
  15. Thanks for the info., I've just changed the oil and the noise has reduced but its still there. Does the fact that it disappears when I pull the clutch in indicate its some kind of thrust bearing noise?