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  1. sah81

    Drz 400s Mcct????

    If your piston is at the top of its travel and the cams are 180* off then you are not at top dead center and you need to rotate the crankshaft one full revolution. The cams turn at half the speed of the crank so the piston can be at the top and still not be on TDC. As far as your rings being shot, were you having a problem with compression before changing the MCCT? I ask this because you can get a low compression reading from excess fuel washing the oil coating off of the cylinder wall. I don't know how common this is on bikes, but it's very common on cars that develop a misfire from a failed ignition component.
  2. sah81

    dl 650 v strom

    Check out the Pirelli MT60R. I have a Suzuki SV650S, which shares the same engine on a sportier frame. Very good power band, reliable as an anvil, and a lot of fun to ride.
  3. sah81

    What city in Calif do you live in? 4 ride hook up

    Laguna Niguel (South Orange County) I usually go to Cleveland National Forest or take the 4wheeler up to Azusa Canyon.
  4. sah81

    Garmin Etrex GPS Handlebar mount

    Is this normal? My Garmin GPSMAP 60 shuts off when it I mount it on my bike or when I slap the front of the case. I was beginning to wonder if mine had a problem?
  5. Looks like a good time to pick up some radiator guards as well.
  6. I changed the coolant in my 99 GMC at 100k miles and the Dexcool looked like new. I see cars every day with less than 50k where the green EG coolant is fried. The only intake gasket problems I have heard of with those vehicles is due to improper torque from the factory, not the type of coolant they use.
  7. Looks like I will probably be moving to that area in the next month or so. I have been there twice on trips, and have ridden the Ortega on my streetbike. We definately don't have anything like that here. Does anyone know of any riding spots in that area that I can drive to and unload? According to the regs I was reading on here my WR will be green-stickered and I also have an ATV I would like to bring along.
  8. sah81

    Valve blow by??? How can I tell???

    You need a cylinder leakage tester and shop air to perform this test. The tester consists of 2 gauges and a pressure regulator. When you put regulated pressure in the cylinder (usually 80psi) the second gauge will tell you how much of the air is being held by the cylinder. The engine needs to be set at top dead center and the tester will screw into the spark plug hole. When the air leaks out, you can feel and/or hear it to tell where it is coming from. Less than 10% leakage is good. Anything over 20% requires repairs. Here is an example of a tester http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Star-products-cylinder-leakage-tester_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ63700QQitemZ4606024717QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW
  9. 2 stroke diesels don't use the crankcase to force the fuel/air mixture into the cylinder. They need a supercharger to push the air in and the fuel is injected as with pretty much every other diesel. As for the topic at hand, I prefer 4 strokes for my riding style, although, I have ridden a 300exc and it is one sweet 2 stroke. I started out on a CR125 and moved up to a WR400 about 3 years ago. What can I say, I prefer doing oil changes over changing spark plugs I have been changing my oil every 4 to 5 rides with no problems.