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  1. Drunk tank

    Only two weeks until the Smuggler Poker Run

    LOL! Didn't even see the web addy... doh!
  2. Drunk tank

    Only two weeks until the Smuggler Poker Run

    Where can I get some more info on this? *should* be up and running by then!
  3. Drunk tank

    What up PNW!

    Ya... its a beasty. Im considering just motarding it and picking up a Beta 300 2-stroke for next season. We'll see though
  4. Drunk tank

    What up PNW!

    What's up gents! Ryan here. After being stuck in Dallas for a year.... just relocated to Tacoma 3 weeks ago and it looks like I'm be here for the next 5 years THANK GOD! If anyone is down to ride... hit me up. 38 years old though my knees feel like 50... intermediate rider from the SoCal deserts and CO mountains (so basically I suck in really tight woods single track). Well... maybe not suck.. just hard keeping up with those 2 strokes when I'm sitting on the 500 desert bike. But thankfully Im swapping gearing and going back to a stock tank to lighten that pig up and get me up into 2nd on the tighter stuff. Cant ride this weekend since I'm still waiting on parts from a bad get off last weekend that crushed a radiator, took out a gastank, and a BPD radiator guard, however, I should have it all back together come the July 27th weekend. BTW... whats everyone favorite tires for out here? Im running MotoZ Mountain Hybrids right now... though im wanting to head back to a more traditional I/T tire. Thing kicks ass in the rocks... but the loose stuff and tight berms bring the suck. I did a few laps with it on the Vet track at Riverdale Raceway last week with it... interesting experience to say the least
  5. Gents, I'm in the market for a chest protector/hydration system that's a single incorporated unit.... not body armor with a pack or vest over the top. Main reason is to limit layers since I get extremely hot while riding. Also, I'm 6'3" with a 48" chest.... so I'm a pretty big guy. Does anyone have experience with the Zac Speed Recon hydropack setup with the exotec chest plate? Seems like a great setup and I like that the chest plate comes in XL/XXL. https://www.zacspeed.com/product/exotec/ Then theres the Leatt 4.5 Hydra which seems equally awesome and has CE rating... but my biggest question is what size is the chest plate on it? I know the 4.5 Chest protector comes in 2 sizes... but the 4.5 hydra doesn't have multiple sizes. https://www.leatt.com/shop/catalog/product/view/id/434/s/chest-protector-4-5-hydra/category/739/ Thoughts??? Guess I could always just buy both and see which fits better and return the other. LOL!
  6. Drunk tank

    Took the plunge... new to KTM, new exc 500!

    First item.... get this. XC-W tail light/mud guard and delete that ridiculous tail piece. Then the license plate just bolts unto that. https://www.ktm-parts.com/79608015044.html Next... Suspension. After that... Smog Delete Kit and reprogram the ECU. There's a few shops that can do the Euro tune for you but they don't want their names publicly posted. Vortex is cool and all if you're going for max HP... but the euro tune gives it plenty of grunt IMO and is a way cheaper way to go. 14:50 gearing has been amazing so far on my 2017. I ran the District 37 LA-Barstow-Vegas with that gearing and it was PERFECT for the SoCal deserts! Unfortunately one of my friends bike broke down and it was getting late... so I slabbed it into Vegas on I-15. No problem passing semis and keeping up with traffic at 80+mph. The stock 14:45 is complete trash. My bike will end up getting used more in the mountains and single track so Ill end up probably going to a 52 rear just for a bit more tractor action. Fully geared, Im about 265lbs for reference. Everything after that is just "nice to have" after that.
  7. Drunk tank

    2017 EXC Radiator Guards

    Any of you guys with the BPD radiator guards running a IMS 3.2 or 4.5 tank? Any fitment issues?
  8. Drunk tank

    XC-W Headlight Switch for 2017 EXC-F

    Do you have a pic of your setup? Is it the pull knob that Kenny mentioned?
  9. Well as of now, my 2017 500 EXC-F has been properly gutted and turned into a XC-W of sorts. Safe to say... I don't have any blinkers or a horn. Is there a XC-W headlight switch that I can swap in? I know they still have the euro XC-W... might be hard to get one of those. Would a switch from a 2016 XC-W work? Id love to swap in some Memlon levers that I have, but the clutch lever wont fit with that bloody monstrous switch in the way.
  10. Drunk tank

    Shipping a bike via Plane

    Well... after doing some more searching... I think shipping the pig via ground would be a better option than by plane. Now I just need to find a hauler that can accommodate.
  11. Currently Im in Dallas... ie the land of no riding freaking anywhere and Im curious what it'll take to ship my 500EXC via plane. Anyone ever done it??? I was talking to my ex and she wants me to join her on the district 37 LA-Barstow-Vegas run this thanksgiving. How I never knew about this run while I was living in CA, is beyond me. Either way... the thought of doing a 20 hour drive each way just to get there... fawk that! My plan would be to fly into LA with the bike and then after the run, fly back home via Las Vegas. I know its possible... see people fly big ADV bikes across the pond all the time. Just have absolutely no idea how to do it myself.
  12. Drunk tank

    2017 500 EXC-F Gearing

    Pulled the trigger and went 14/50. Seems like itll be a good balance and I can still scoot along fine
  13. Drunk tank

    2017 500 EXC-F Gearing

    Oh sweet Jesus! No wonder this thing is such a dog... just went and counted teeth.... 14/45! Eeeeek! Considering I'll be using this bike alot on the street... 80% slab... I dont want to go full single track gearing. How would 14/49 or 50 work for a bike you have to hop on the highway with? Still usable? What sort of top speed reduction would i see?
  14. Gents, If I understand right, the factory gearing is 13/49. Im looking for just a little more low end pep without loosing too much top speed. Would a 14/52 combo be the right call? Also, any sprocket manufactures in particular I should check out? I was thinking about just getting Dirt Tricks gear and a new primary drive chain.
  15. Drunk tank

    The Official 2017 500 EXC De-Smog How-To

    As of today... my bike is desmogged at retuned with the Euro Offroad! WOOT! First thoughts.... OMG! This thing is like riding a Pegasus while getting laid for the first time combined with combat adrenaline dump! Best part... it just feels so much better. When I had it in first gear stock and would let of the throttle... the bike just felt jerky and sketchy. Now it just purrs on decel and is much much cooler! (at least my right leg isnt cooking anymore). FYI... the place that did the re-map for me has a handy little bag of parts to plug up all the holes. engine looks nice and clean now!