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  1. ZAC S

    Broke my new SSR, please help

    WildWest, By chain guide do you mean the one that bolts to the bottom of the swing arm by the rear sproket? Any particular one?
  2. ZAC S

    Broke my new SSR, please help

    I got a deal on a brand new unassembled SSR 110dx and took it out today. Well, the chain came loose, because I forgot to check the tension, and jamed between the stator cover and the front sprocket. It broke the cover and the pickup off the stator plate. So now it doesn't run. But I am impressed with the bike for being the low end model it is higher quality than I thought it would be. So does anyone know who the motor manufacturer is? On the case it says 108cc and I cannot find any name. Where is the best place to buy parts for this SSR? I need more power, where can I get a high comp piston kit for this thing and will an after market cdi help or is it just for the rev limiter? Sorry for all the questions I'm new to these mini's Thanks ZAC