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  1. bigshane81

    Can't get rid of decel. popping!

    Ok cool. I feel way better about it now. Thank you
  2. bigshane81

    Can't get rid of decel. popping!

    Ok thanks. I took it back to them this morning and they did have the bike on a dyno. They said it was running a little rich and the excess fuel was burning in the exhaust system, causing the pops. They leaned it out a little and now it pops a lot less. They said it was impossible to eliminate all of the popping without compromising performance. Does this sound right to you? The bike is way faster with the new pipe now and it does run smooth. They also said the popping would not harm the engine. Is that also true?
  3. I have an '04 YZ450F that has popped during deceleration since it was new (but not very bad). I recently installed and FMF powerbomb header and Dr.D exhaust pipe. Before riding it I took it to Capitol Yamaha and had them hook it up to a fuel analyzer to adjust the jetting correctly (I thought). They ended up swapping my needle jet to a WR450F needle for some reason. They explained to me that it ran perfect now. I got home and tested it out in the street at about 50 deg F and it pops now more than ever. Is this normal and will it hurt my enginge? It ran strong and smooth during acceleration. Thanks, Shane