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    which 50 would you recommend?

    The Honda CRF50. The TTR50 has electric start, which adds lots of unwanted wait. And who needs an electric start anyways? Unless your 3 years old. And of course you can make a CRF50 way better then a TTR50. Just go to BBR http://www.bbrmotorsports.com/Products/Products.htm You can even go there and buy an already customized bike, for you or a kid. You can get a CRF50 built up enough to keep up with big bikes. My cuz got a CRF50, used BBR parts, it fricken hauls. Anything else you wan know (like any more suggestions) go ahead and email me at dirtbikerider8@msn.com And the only differnce between the XR and the CRF50 is that the XR has different plastics.