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  1. Mike, thank you for the tip. All those incompetent people at the dealer including that Tyson guy from KTM USA never took the time to check my VIN for the recalls. After reading your post I made another call and insisted that they check the bulletin for the battery issue. They confirmed that the battery needs to be replaced, fuel line updated and remapping will be performed to 2016 specs. I always told myself I would never spend over $10k on a bike and will only buy a Japanese bike because of my personal experience with the reliability and parts availability. What sold me was the electric start, the weight of the KTM and the bike was pretty much a race ready machine. I hope I don't regret this in the long run.
  2. I just called KTM USA and spoke to Tyson. I was told that they will not warranty the battery because it hasn't been a widely reported failure. I'm quite disappointed, it's not the cost of the battery that irritates me. It's the lack of customer service and empathy. I am a business owner myself, happy customers always comes first even if their warranty expired. I would make every effort to ensure they are satisfied. The battery couldn't have have cost KTM much $ to simply warranty it. Any recommendations of battery manufacturers that have a good reputation who stands behind their products for more than 9hrs? I'm going to forward this post to KTM USA so they can keep tabs on how many batteries do go bad. I can't seem to find an email address to KTM. It's not on their website.
  3. Posting thread up to see if anyone has had an issue with their batteries. One of my buddies had a post that broke off his. My bike has only 9hrs on it and it won't start. Tried another battery and the bike starts. I'm a bit frustrated that you spend over $12k on a bike without a warranty and the battery is probably not going to be warrantied. I'll check to see how much this battery is going to cost me. My buddy paid $120 for his. I don't want to eat this one!
  4. fastchink

    JR50 First Gear Mod

    Glad you got it all figured it. With a new piston it will run like a champ.
  5. fastchink

    JR50 First Gear Mod

    Replace the piston and ring, should be inexpensive. I can't imagine that there is a problem internally with the gear box other wise it will not run right when in 2nd.
  6. fastchink

    JR50 First Gear Mod

    I examined the pics and I'm pretty confident that you need to round off the corners. You're so close, just need a little more. Once you do finish rounding off the corners and do get it to shift, you will notice that you have to kick the shifter quite high up to engage in 1st gear thus the detent have to be cutout enough to allow for that extra movement. Try getting a carbide rotary file for your Dremel, if not available use several round sand drum attachments, it will take long but will work just fine.
  7. fastchink

    JR50 First Gear Mod

    since you compared and all looks good then just tear it down again and recheck to make sure everything kosher. something probably came off during the reassembly. There is nothing that needs to be done on the trans side.
  8. fastchink

    JR50 First Gear Mod

    You need to cut the slot further back. I suggest that you cut it and try shifting it before you reinstall the cover. As a rule of thumb, cut the same amount out as the 2nd gear slot. Refer to the 3rd picture CIMG1010 you will notice that there was quite a bit of material removed.
  9. fastchink

    Suzuki JR 50 Mods

    the exhaust restrictor is in the tail pipe. unbolt the 10mm head bolt and pull it out. if you are crafty you can cut away and total get rid of the restrictor. i was lazy so i drill as many holes as i can. there no restrictor on the intake box just drill holes in it. i dont recommend doing this unless you rejet the main jet. it will run too lean on WOT and hesitate. i had asked kena for info on where to get the main jets but no response. i recommend doing the first gear mod before you do all this. do a search i posted a thread with detailed pics.
  10. fastchink

    Jr 50 parts

    You can order parts from Kawasaki, don't remember what Kawi label their 50cc 2 stroke. I had to order a handle bar pad this way.
  11. fastchink

    JR50 help {{{PLEASE}}}

    Well, it sound like you have to take the carb apart and inspect to make sure everything has been installed correctly. Was the bike running fine when you bought it?
  12. fastchink

    SHOW us your bikes! 50cc and 65cc

    Dad and Evan's Suzuki's matching graphics
  13. fastchink

    SHOW us your bikes! 50cc and 65cc

    Uhhh I want to post mine too but can't.
  14. fastchink

    JR50 First Gear Mod

    Here are some pics and details on how to do the mod. Great to have first gear on the JR50, otherwise your toddler can't even get over a small rock if it got under the front tire. I have a lot of fun with it now that I can do wheelies on it. http://i793.photobucket.com/albums/yy212/vinceau911/JR%20mods/CIMG0986.jpg http://i793.photobucket.com/albums/yy212/vinceau911/JR%20mods/CIMG1008.jpg http://i793.photobucket.com/albums/yy212/vinceau911/JR%20mods/CIMG1010cut.jpg http://i793.photobucket.com/albums/yy212/vinceau911/JR%20mods/CIMG1016.jpg http://i793.photobucket.com/albums/yy212/vinceau911/JR%20mods/CIMG0990.jpg http://i793.photobucket.com/albums/yy212/vinceau911/JR%20mods/CIMG1005-1.jpg
  15. fastchink

    Suzuki JR 50 Mods

    I need to rejet my sons bike. I did all the mods you listed but not the main jet. The bike runs too lean with the air box mod. I tried getting the jets at a local shop shop but the parts guy looked at me funny and said they don't have any jets listed in Suzuki's microfiche for the JR50. What carb or bike did you tell the dealer you have to get these jets? Have part numbers?