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    bottom end seized, again!

    Along the same (oil) lines..How much pressure should be in frame while a '01 YZ250F is running?? I was changing and flushing oil last night when I decided to see if oil was circulating by opening filler plug in frame and POW! oil everywhere! I didn't expect that much pressure in the frame. Any experience on that? I'm thinking I may have a clog in a return line to the motor. Wanted to race tomorrow, but, now i'm hesitant untill I can verify if this is normal or not. I just bought this bike. Sorry to hear about your motor, bummer. If you take it to a shop, they would probably like to disassemble it, diagnose it, and do the rebuild from A to Z as necessary so they can be confident about the problem finding and giving you some kind of warranty on it. As opposed to receiving the motor in parts. Thanks..