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  1. articjumper

    380 clutch problems

    Hello I have owned my 98 380 for about 1 1/2 years now. After letting it sit over the colorado winter season the clutch stopped working. I have replaced the clutch lever and clutch cable thinking the cable was stretched out. With the adjustments all the way out on both the cable and lever it dosent change anything. After opening the cover to put the cable in tranny fluid came out. Is there suppose to be tranny fluid in the clutch cable area? What else should I check? Thanks
  2. articjumper

    show me your mounts (vapor install)

    what kind of tank bag is that z1krob?
  3. articjumper

    Offsetting a supermoto wheel

    I just let the chain rub the edge off. It shouldnt destroy the tire.
  4. articjumper

    Larger fuel tanks: MANY questions!

    Safari works with the corbin, 28l on a 2001S.
  5. articjumper

    Post Best Looking Blue Drz's !!

    6 gallon tank
  6. articjumper

    Post Best Looking Blue Drz's !!

    2001 drz400S
  7. articjumper

    catastrophic failure on DRZ 400s

    Thats weird. I rode my 2001 DRZ400s with 8000 miles on it 1700 miles in three days (anchorage to prudhoe bay and back) only stoping when i needed to fill up on gas about every 300 miles. I ran stock gearing and was averaging 70 mph.
  8. articjumper

    Veterans / Military Members ride DRZs

    Active Army Ft. Richardson Alaska 4TH BDE 25TH INF AIRBORNE MEDIC. 2001 S soon to be SM.
  9. articjumper

    Who has the best looking DRZ?

  10. articjumper

    adjusting gear box?

    So your saying i need a new clutch if the two adjustment points dont help? How long can i safely use the clutch in its clunky state?