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  1. I read a test in a magazine. The weight was checked by the testers. It's 282 lbs with the gasoline. There's is even a racing version that does 273 lbs with a titane exhaust + : less vibrations than a mono ability to take high rpm (more than a mono) power at high rpm easy to use and efficient engine - : less torque at low rpm compared to a mono
  2. stefast79

    Oregon trails videos.

    Dude i'm moving to Oregon You are one lucky guy with all those beautiful trails! Thanks for sharing.
  3. stefast79

    woods hillclimbing on board video

    250 two stroke. By the way, i changed the link. You can watch the video till the end now but without music. You'll ear the sound of the two smoke and... me breathing like i if had asthma
  4. stefast79

    woods hillclimbing on board video

    Thanks guys. But i still have a problem with the upload. I think there is a problem with the video so i'll edit it again and post another link later today.
  5. stefast79

    woods hillclimbing on board video

    problem with the upload is now solved
  6. For those who ride in the woods, here's a video with some hillclimbings. They don't specially look steep but i can assure you that some of them are.You'll notice it at the rpm. It could be possible that you have to wait before watching it because the amount of uploads is limited because it does 41Mo. http://rapidshare.de/files/10982254/woods_hillclimbing.wmv.html you have to click on "free" and wait about 30 sec before you can download Hope you'll enjoy it