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  1. pheng

    150/230 Q's

    I'm from Sac.
  2. pheng

    150/230 Q's

    On my 150 I use 112 because 120 riding Forest Hill it'll choke out. For Praire City the 120 is fine, low elevation..
  3. pheng

    Georgetown help!

    Can someone please give me directions to Georgetown from Sacramento. Also are there a lot of launch spots, and which spot is best to cover the whole area. Thanks!!!
  4. pheng

    How many "adult" 150/230 owners?

    I"m 29 turning 30 in May, first time riding dirtbikes last Oct. 5"10 175lbs, should have bought a 230 instead of a 150. But I"m enjoying every minute of my 150. I"m too scared of riding a full size bike going down steep hills.