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  1. Honda

    thanx for the info ya'll, i'll see what my local cycle shop carries and go from there, thanx
  2. Honda

    I was wondering what kind of oil you guys run in your bikes...i have been told that castrol gtx was pretty good, but i'm not really sure...i'm upgrading from a 99 400ex and i have always just ran 10w-40
  3. Honda

    I have read about all the changes made from '05 to '06 and I will testify that there is a big difference! I also had the HRC kit put on and could tell a big difference with that also, other than that the bike is stock. I would stay with your '05 though, but it really depends on what you want to do.....I ride mostly in sand, so being as that takes up the most HP of about any terrain, i'd say that it is a great bike
  4. Honda

    I just bought my '06 450r after Christmas, and within a week I had the HRC kit installed. I was really impressed with the HP gains with pretty much stock equipment and pipe! I was told it supposedly pushes 47-50HP, but whatever it is I like it! I am trying to find a pipe but havn't found any for the '06 yet. HRC kit is awesome for the money! Highly recommend!d