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  1. Ray McDonald

    1987 XR200 - Running Rough

    Suspicion confirmed. The timing was off by one tooth. Set the timing correctly on the cam an the engine runs smooth now. (A little cold going up and down the street tonight, but the engine ran fine.)
  2. Ray McDonald

    XR200 Head bolt/nut and flywheel torque specs

    Cylinder head cap nut 20 to 22 ft lb / 28 to 30 N-m / 2.8 to 3.0 kg-m Flywheel bolt 33 to 40 ft lb / 45 to 55 N-m / 4.5 to 5.5 kg-m This is per the Honda Service Manual 86-99.
  3. Ray McDonald

    1987 XR200 - Running Rough

    Patient: 1987 XR200 History: Valves bent due to timing chain failure. (Presumed. Engine was not running when purchased) Re-build of top end including new valves, guides, timing chain and piston. Symptoms: pulse of air is being pushed out of the carburetor while engine is running (running very rough, but running) Query: Is it possible that I have set the cam one tooth behind the mark, and the intake valve is still open when the piston starts the compression stroke? Confession: I did not do a final check of the valve timing after the flywheel was installed. (Over confident? Apparently so.) Actions: Will remove the timing cover and check the valve timing with TDC on the flywheel tonight. This is driving me nuts thinking about it. I’ve never had a single cylinder engine run if the valve timing was a tooth off.
  4. Ray McDonald

    Bubbles in paint for 4 stroke bike

    Check this link. http://www.4strokes.com/tech/plastic_restore I have not tried this, but if it works for you let the rest of us know.
  5. Ray McDonald

    87 XR200R compression release

    I have a 1987 XR200R. I wish to remove the automatic compression release. (The bike was purchased in poor, non-running condition, and I do not have all the components to reinstall the automatic compression release) Can I plug the head and not use the release, or do I need to have a compression release? Will the kick start mechanism will fail if I do not have a compression release?) If I do not need the release, where can I get a suitable plug for the head? If I must have a release, is there a manual mechanism that can be purchased for the 87 XR200R?