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  1. bellec

    which one, 250T,250F, 450F?

    Do you want a green sticker bike? If so only 2002 & older 2 strokes would qualify. The off road model 450s are general much more reliable then the MX versions & they have the green sticker. Go visit the 450 WR & CRFX forums.
  2. If it's not leaking or overheating then you are good to go. Unless the looks bothers you. I just replaced my radiators, because I had a ton of epoxy all over them & putting on my side plates were becoming a pain. I also bought some nice radiator guards so that I hopefully won't need to use the epoxy & the radiators last longer. Good luck,
  3. I saw this product on KTM talk. I believe this for many issues or even a mechanical concern would be the ticket. It looks fairly small & easy to carry in a back back. http://www.rescuepegs.com/
  4. Look what the cat dragged in! What's up 9Lives? Are you coming out of retirement? The Purgatory rides have always been extremely challenging & a ton of fun. You just need to know where the good stuff is! Anyone who says this place isn't challenging doesn't know their head from their ass! trailbutter, now you are talking my language! I love death marches & my group should be doing one this Sunday! PM for details & let's see what kind of game you got (hopefully at least a "B" rider or your going to be hurting)!
  5. Paul mentioned he was going riding with someone. Where did you guys go? We actually saw that trail from the top, but that way wouldn't have been as entertaining I think that 1hr & 6mins was the best part of the ride. Seeing guys go up that crazy steep hill with one nasty turn & several step ups was priceless Nothing feels better than doing something you think is impossible & then clearing it! To me that's what riding is all about & of course we had a great group of guys to help cheer,(pulling, grab, lift) everyone on! & according to someone's video there were curse words said , other than that Sarge you summed it up perfectly! I also love a good techie trail, but those are the trails that will zap energy out of a rider super fast. Good job getting up that hill! The only thing that would have made this ride better would have been trailcuster giving us tips I had my notebook ready & everything!
  6. I just got home traffic was unreal! Thanks for the compliments & I had an incredible time with this crew. I was really proud of the group getting up that nasty hill!
  7. Can one of you gents PM me a cell # for just in case I get lost? Thanks,
  8. Ben, right??? If i remember correctly you use to haul arsh on your daughter's quad on the Rincon trail! We've had some good rides. Unfortunately I took a break from riding & this will be my 2nd ride back from a 2yr break. Luckily I've been mountain biking & I didn't loose much on the dirt bike! I'm in for sure, regardless of weather & maybe I can get some riding tips from trailbuster.
  9. Thanks Sarge! I'll be there ready to ride by 9am
  10. Do you guys actual ride or just talk smack??? I'm not walking anything! Tell me the time & exactly where to be & the schooling will begin! Lol
  11. Hey guys this trail looks incredible! Would you mine one more joining? I haven't been out that way in years, so I'll need exact directions to the meeting area. How many miles are you guys planning on doing? Thanks, Craig
  12. bellec

    My 06' X Is Faster Than a 2011 Fuel Injected KX450F

    Maybe the X is different, but in general if you are dragging racing, it is always better to start in 2nd gear. I'm sure that is probably what the guy on the YZ did, because that is the gear I would be in when taking off. Starting off in 1st gear will only result in way too much wheel speed, with little movement & then an almost immediate shift into 2nd, by this time the guy is already gone. Whereas starting in 2nd gets the wheels spinning, but at the same time hooking up & moving forward. Try it next time & I bet you do much better in a straight away race.
  13. bellec

    Tips on clutch technique...

    Steep hills can definitely be tricky. I was always pretty fast at single track riding, then I met a new friend who happens to be an ex-hill climb pro. I had no problems on the single tracks, but he would always find these darns steep a** hills. I would rarely make it up them & he would laugh his head off watching me struggle. One day I just listened to him & his bike as he climbed this insanely steep hill, I could hear his engine singing away & him feathering the clutch. In case you don't know what feathering means, it means you just barely pull in the clutch & then let it out & repeat as often as needed until you get your momentum going! When he came back down I asked him if he backed off the throttle when climbing & he said NO. When you climb steep stuff, the most important thing is to keep your engine revving high (close to redline / in the power band), keep the throttle steady & modulate the power to the rear wheel. I started doing that & wow!!!! Almost overnight I became darn good at any trail that gets steep & sketchy. Unfortunately to practice that technique, you need hills.
  14. bellec

    FMF Mega bomb and silencer

    I have a '08 & no clamp there. No exhaust leak at that point.
  15. bellec

    Camshaft issues

    What year bike are you talking about? Sounds more like you have a tensioner/chain issue. The older 450 used a manual cam chain adjuster that needs to be adjusted.