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    Solutions and Upgrades for better brakes ?

    This is a photo of a hot woman my wife sent me to distract me. It worked because I've been staring at it for about 5 minutes now. Mount the caliper without the brake pads just to make sure everything lines up. Notice the new gap created by the 250M Caliper Assembly? It allows room for a larger disc rotor now. If you don't have an MX stand, find something that will hold the weight of the entire motorcycle. Unfortunately, I had this box made but it required carrying the motorcycle onto it which I did with one hand. Front Wheel Assembly removed. Front Disc Rotor also removed. Here is the 250M Rotor on my front wheel assembly. Much bigger and hoping much better. I won't know until I ride the motorcycle at speed and slam on the front brake. So this is what it looks like when you put everything back together. smile emoticon My 250L now has the exact same braking components as the 250M. And, my tyres are much nicer than what comes stock in England. smile emoticon All done. If any of you want the same, it took me less than an hour to work on the bike, start to finish, Now, I just need to find out if this helps me stop. Will let you all know once I get a chance to ride it.
  2. Toolbox

    Solutions and Upgrades for better brakes ?

    The hub of the 250L and the 250M have different part numbers so I wasn't sure this would fit. I got my dirt tyres which I have never used and lined it up to see if the holes for the 250L rotor lines up with the 250M. Behold - Perfect match! As you can see, the 250M rotor is relatively bigger than the 250L rotor. Not by much but hopefully, enough to help... 50 millimeters of help. Caliper assembly above is for the 250M. Caliper assembly below is for the 250L. You just need to move the 12mm bolt over from one to the other. All your work will primarily be on this part of the motorcycle so whip out your socket wrenches. I recommend hexagonal sockets so you don't strip the bolts. See... Fits perfectly. If you have steel-braided lines, just drop the caliper and make sure it doesn't scratch the rim.
  3. Toolbox

    Solutions and Upgrades for better brakes ?

    Let's see if this works and helps some of the other riders out there. I am not too sure conversions from MX to Motards work well without the front brake upgrade but I find that my stock front brake isn't as stern as I would like it to be. However, since I am a not just a squid but a "Beginner Squid™", and haven't learned to use my rear brake yet. I truly hope this helps my inability to stop. A simple upgrade that I hope you guys will also benefit from. Am crossing my fingers this aids my stopping abilities as I would like the motorcycle to slow down I depress the lever "thinggy" on the right hand side of the handlebars. This is the standard CRF 250M they have in England. This is the CRF 250L that everyone in the world has. However, this specific motorcycle, although not obvious, has already undergone quite a bit of updates. Do you notice the tiny, little front brake rotor? This is the original design as dirt riders rely little on the front brake, I think. Now, street riders depend on this far more. So for someone like me, I rely on the front brake 100% rain or shine since when you brake, 90% of the weight of the motorcycle is transferred to the front wheel. Simple physics I use these little two finger actuated levers for both the clutch and brake as I am scared to let go of the handlebars. If you look closely, you can see how small the rotor is compared to other street motorcycles in where the diameter of the front rotor is more or less always 320 millimeters. This one, a pathetic, 250 millimeters. I got these through a local Honda Dealership. It took a while but they were able to get the parts in from the UK. Bracket Assembly Number: 45190-KZZ-A21 Disc Rotor Number: 45120-KZZ-A21
  4. Toolbox

    Aftermarket/Stock Exhaust Info and Tech

    Chris669... I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean? Are you talking about getting the pipe higher up and closer to the seat? I need a custom pipe so that I could retain the black plastic. Do you need images?
  5. Toolbox

    Aftermarket/Stock Exhaust Info and Tech

    http://131db.com/ My favorite software developers.
  6. Toolbox

    Honda CRF250L (2014)


    I got this bike in November and have clocked just a little over 300 kilometers on it. Did the motard upgrade before the bike even left the dealership. Also built the little exhaust system with a friend. I wanted to retain the original look with a shorter, lighter and louder pipe. :)
  7. Toolbox

    Honda CRF250L 2014

    I got this bike in November and have clocked just a little over 300 kilometers on it. Did the motard upgrade before the bike even left the dealership. Also built the little exhaust system with a friend. I wanted to retain the original look with a shorter, lighter and louder pipe.
  8. Toolbox

    Aftermarket/Stock Exhaust Info and Tech

    I finally did what I said I would do... Sorry about the quality... I used a BlackBerry... Here are some images
  9. Toolbox

    CRF 250L Images Only Thread™

    So... I bought a locally made pipe, cut it a third shorter and built my own "perfect" pipe through a friend who specializes in this kind of thing. Now, I have it shorter, lighter, louder and have it exactly the way I want it with the black plastic still there. Engine performance is better (as far as I can tell) and back pressure is just right making the throttle feel just a touch lighter. Have a look:
  10. Toolbox

    Aftermarket/Stock Exhaust Info and Tech

    Here are a picture of the pipe in the initial stage of disassembly: Not a bad start but the finishing could do some work which I will indulge in to meet my needs.
  11. Toolbox

    Aftermarket/Stock Exhaust Info and Tech

    I don't know if this is of interest to you but when I got my CRF, I ordered a full exhaust system from a guy who makes them here in the Philippines. If you check Facebook, his username is "Pro Pipe Muffler Fabrication". Apparently, he has been doing this for quite some time now and most of the people I know who bought them are extremely happy. Quite honestly, it looks okay. The finish does not meet the FMF or Yoshimura standards but I am having mine re-done, properly. In fact, now that I can see what it looks like inside (I disassembled it), I am going to cut it shorter by about 4 inches. Here are some images from his bike. I haven't installed it on my bike yet so please excuse the quality of these images: He makes an aluminium can and a carbon can. Also, he has a header that mimics the Power Bomb of FMF which I will probably never install because it cannot retain the plastic heat protector and I like my bike looking as close to stock as possible. Also note that I have already converted my bike into a motard like so: The good news is, his products are dirt cheap! The entire exhaust system with the header was US$160.00. Delivery to Manila was free so I don't know how much this would cost to send over to the US and Europe. Once installed, I will take proper pictures and show it to you guys. I will also show you what it looks like after I've cut this and the original Honda Pipe for comparison.
  12. Toolbox

    Where is everybody at?

    Manila, Philippines.
  13. Toolbox

    CRF 250L Images Only Thread™

    Thank you for the kind words... Am still waiting on a few more things from crfsonly.com and the exhaust and I should be done. It should clean-up this area of the bike a little bit:
  14. Toolbox

    Who here has the most miles on their CRF 250 L ?

    I lose big-time... Had my bike for nearly a month now and have 31 kilometers on it. Will try and get some mileage on it over the holidays.
  15. Toolbox

    CRF 250L Images Only Thread™

    Got my bike a while back.