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  1. I see what you mean, the oil is also pumping up into the case which would push air out.
  2. Hello does anybody know what this could be. When I hand kick over mr CRF 250 05 with the cam breather off and thumb over the hole there's lots of air trying to escape. Could it be the valve seats, The shims are spot on I have just sorted them. Any ideas.
  3. DIY stylee you know where you are then, get on the right track from the start, basis plug ok, cam chain ok and valves, two 12mm bolts cover off, get your feeler gauge check the gaps intake should be 0.12mm +/- 0.003mm and exhaust should be 0.28mm +/- 0.03mm for the 250r. if gaps are to small add the difference to the size of your shim and thats the size you need, sorted....... This forum has a whole heap of stuff on valves.
  4. does anybody know how the decompressor works. Whats stops it from working when bike is running or is it only when the kick start is kicked.............
  5. That's a relief, I thought it was the decomp, Cheers...........
  6. All white looks cool.............
  7. I think it must be normal then, I still think its something to do with the decompressor though. I used to ride a 2003 crf 450 but on the track it sucks the energy out me so I got the 250 which it more fun and flickable too with better air on the jumps. Cheers biker boy...................
  8. Do you ride your bike alot and how long have you had it......
  9. Im sure its got something to do with the decompressor as that opens the exhuast on the compression stroke, I need to know how the decompressor works, its buggin me biker boy.........
  10. Hi. when I push the kick start by hand just after the compression stroke I get a knock noise, there is no knock noise on the intake and exhaust stroke and no knock when it runs it runs fine. Could it be something to do with the decompressor any ideas....
  11. Thanks for that I will get him to check that also. Someone at the local track said that his valves could have stretched. If they stretch will that close the gap on the followers or open it, I cant picture this.......... If they have stretched can you adjust back to normal.
  12. Cheers Its about 12 celcius 150 meters above sea level, do you think the carb could be playing up then. I noticed on mine the hot start is connected to the Carb and not the valves like the ktm, how does this work.......thanks for the info I will get him to try cleaning the carb......
  13. My friends crf has had a new plug and air filter, after alot of kicks it finally starts only with hot start pulled in and it idle's badly. Any ideas..........
  14. El marco, not wise dude you do the same on a KX 500 and tell me what happens. anyway why oil a chain you get the crap all over the place. cheers
  15. Cheers for the info, I hope it is a good motor when I got it the tranny oil was like mercury, I had to flush it twice before using new rock oil............