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    Knee injury questions

    Here is the way the report reads from the MRI. The doctor addressed the ACL and menicus but said nothing about the LCL tear? Is that something I should ask about? Will that have to be repaired also? He said he will repair using a hamstring graft and will try to stitch the meniscus if the tear is not to large. Will remove if cannot be repaired. Recovery will be 6 weeks on crutches and at 12 weeks can start to use a brace for exercise. 6 months for exercise without a brace and up to a year for full normality. How long will I need to stay of of a motocross track? History: 40 yr old male with with history of right knee pain. Twisted knee 11/2010. The pain is in the medial aspect. Technique: The exam was obtained with sagittal, axial and coronal images of the knee utilizing T1 and T2 pulse sequence. Findings: The exam shows a large volume joint space effusion. The anterior cruciate ligament is abnormal in appearance. It appears to be completely disrupted. It has a horizontal orientation and its proximal extent is not optimally visualized. The posterior cruciate ligament is intact but does not show focal abnormality. The anterior horn of the lateral meniscus is somewhat flattened and deformed. A partial tear is suggested. What appears to be a possible meniscal fragment is seen posterior to the knee above the fibula. The posterior horn of the lateral meniscus is noted to be foreshortened and disruption of this area is also suggested. The medial meniscus posterior horn shows a vertical tear in the central portion. The anterior horn of the medial meniscus is intact. Diffuse increased signal is noted in the posterior aspect of the proximal tibia consistant with bone contusion. The medial collateral ligament is intact. The lateral collateral ligament shows some increased signal and deformity centrally and an intrasubstance tear cannot be completely ruled out. There is a 6mm subchondral cyst noted in the proximal central portion of the tibia. The patellar tendon is noted to be intact. The proximal lateral anterior tibial cartilage is thin in appearance without definite defects. Impression: 1. Complete disruption of the anterior cruciate ligament. 2. Large volume joint space effusion. 3. Vertical tear central portion posterior horn of the medial meniscus. 4. Evidence of deformity and decreased size of the anterior and posterior horn of the lateral meniscal fragment cannot be completely ruled out. 5. Bone contusion posterior medial aspect of the proximal tibia. 6. Intrasubstance tear lateral collateral ligament central aspect. 7. Subchondral cyst proximal central portion of the tibia.
  2. Wadeyamaha

    Knee injury questions

    Went to the Doctor last week. He said he did not think I had any damage to the ACL, LCL, MCL or PCL. Maybe some Meniscus damage and some damage to the popliteus. Doc said he needed a MRI to tell exactly what was needed to get it right. Went to get a MRI last Thursday and headed back to the Doc tomorrow to have it read. What would be the fix for this type of damage and how long for a recovery to full strength and riding again?
  3. Wadeyamaha

    Knee injury questions

    I was riding back in November of last year and slid out in a corner. My foot got caught under the bike as I kept rolling and twisted my knee. I walked around after the pain subsided after a few minutes and it was ok. I got back on the bike and didnt even make it another lap before I felt a "slip" or "pop" in the inside of my knee when jumping. The pain was immediate and I quit riding for the day. It swelled and I iced it and limped around for a week +. I tried to ride about a month later and the same thing happened. Swelling and pain followed. That was 2 months ago. I dont have insurance right now and avoided the doctor because of that. I have been riding a bike at the gym and have gotten up to 9 miles every other day. My knee doesnt hurt but I can still "feel" it (no pain though) when I make certain movements. I bought a pair of Asterisk Cell braces and am DYING to ride. Should I wait, or is a doctors visit with x-rays a must before riding again? Will the Cells help with the instability in side to side movement I feel at times? I am 40 yrs old in GREAT shape. Work out hard 3 to 5 days a week depending on work schedule. No previous knee injurys. Was running 3 miles daily before knee injury. Ride mostly moto and am a former "average" B rider when racing. If any of this info is needed. Any help would be appreciated as I might go crazy if I dont ride soon!!!!